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Australis is the great southern continent of Pandora. It contains a number of lush jungles and rainforests, as well as vertigo-inducing mountains. The edge of Australis juts into the Equatorial Sea; it is here that the RDA and the Avatar team are stationed. Australis is also the home of both the Omaticaya and Tipani clan.

Australis from space can be seen as a single continent 'island'. Unlike Earth where continents are clearly classified into regional areas with other connected continents. Pandora has 'islands' in which each continent to their own are not connected with another.

This is primarily due to the gravitational struggle between Polyphemus and Pandora's mother star. With each yearly rotation around Polyphemus, Pandora is pulled and tugged by both celestial objects. Thus stretching the land masses from one another.

Known Locales[]

  • Southern Reach - Most of which is claimed to be part of the Tipani territory.
  • Southern Valley Territories - A stretch of land encroached by the forests of the North, several known Na'vi tribes are said to have never made contact with the RDA personnel since colonization nearly 40 years ago.
  • Eastern Atreides - Parts of the forest in this area is claimed by the Omaticaya.
  • Salbo Valley - A valley of mountains that encircle around Hell's Gate.