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Barro Assault rifle

A RDA soldier with a BARRO assault rifle

The BARRO is an assault rifle designed by the RDA, based on the Heckler & Koch M12 caseless and is an exclusive weapon, issued to higher ranking SecOps personnel.

design & Features[]

The BARRO a selective fire weapon, it is capoble of semi, and fully automatic fire. The fire selector switch is located above the trigger group, and is ambidextrous, which means that is accessable for right and left-handed shooters. Based on the Heckler & Koch M12 the BARRO was designed in the bullpup configuration, which means that the magazine is located in the stock of the firearm. The BARRO uses box-type magazines, however, they are inserted into the weapon in an unique and unusual  way. The charging handle is a rotary charging handle located on the stock of the weaopn near the magazine well, to charge the firearm, the xharging handle must be rotated 360 digrees to chamber a round.  Just like the M12, the BARRO uses caseless ammunition, however, the BARRO fires the standard RDA-used 6.2x35 mm round unlike the M12, which uses the 6.8x38 mm round