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The Battle of Pandora was a series of events that occured during the year of 2154. By the beginning of the year, the RDA were growing eager in seeking out new mining zones to mine more unobtanium. With the arrival of Jake Sully, the RDA in turned used him to pursuade the Omaticaya in moving away from their Hometree before the Hell Trucks arrived. This however had set off numerous events that eventually lead to the Assault on The Tree of Souls.

A Prelude to War[]

Prior to these events, the RDA were already at odds with the native alien race of Pandora - the Na'vi. The Na'vi had viewed the Human's as nothing more than an alien race who sought destruction for a 'rock'. In their attempt to keep much of the land free of these Humans, the Na'vi conducted guerilla warfare against the RDA.

This created an issue between the RDA and the Na'vi as the RDA wanted to bridge a peace between them in order mine in other zones without harm coming down upon civilian contractors. However, the Na'vi did not see it that way, creating a further rift between the Human-Na'vi relations.

Grace's School Massacre[]


The abandoned school, investigated by Dr. Augustine, Norm Spellman, and Jake Sully.

Years before the arrival of Jake Sully, Dr. Grace Augustine had opened a school to teach the Na'vi children of basic elemtentary education as well about Humanity and Earth. She had developed a fond friendship among many of her students, including the princesses of the Omaticaya - Neytiri and Sylwanin.

One day, during a lesson that Grace was teaching, she had noticed that Sylwanin had been absent; unusual for a woman who had enjoyed her time at the school and never missed a day of it. Neytiri wasn't present either during the class session and wondered where they were. Thinking they may have come down with something, Grace continued her teaching until and unfortunately, Sylwanin was at the door with several warriors.

They had told Grace of how they managed to stop the 'machines' before they were assaulted by SecOps. They had come to the school to take refuge. Fearing the worse, Grace hid them at school before the arrival of several SecOps troopers who demanded the location of the assailants.

It was too late as the warriors that were part of Sylwanin's group attacked the men, fearing for the safety of the others, Grace retreated into the school's sanctum to protect her students - including Sylwanin.

But it was too late as Sylwanin had died, including the warriors.

This event sparked a great deal of controversy amongst the Omaticaya, even the thought of war was whispered amongst the clan. The then clan leader - Eytukan - suggested that they do not go to war, instead the Omaticaya had cut ties with the Humans. This included Grace who was no longer allowed into their Hometree.

Immediately afterwards, patrol units, scientific sorties, and recon units were attacked sporadically around the territorial forests of the Omaticaya. Eventually, the Omaticaya began targeting the RDA closer to home by attacking Hell Trucks on their way back and frightening pilots in their Samson's.

Jake's Arrival[]

Years later, the ISV Venture Star had arrived to Pandora in 2154. New recruits of Avatar Driver's were introduced into the fold of the Program, leaving Dr. Grace Augustine to tend with these operators in teaching them about Pandora and the Na'vi. However, soured by the events she had heard of Tom Sully's untimely death, she did not care for Jake Sully's presences amongst the scientists.

Fearing that a Marine would take advantage of using the Avatar as a means to violently harass the Na'vi, Grace took Jake under her wings to teach him about the Na'vi as well as Pandora.


Quaritch making a deal with Jake prior to the events that lead up to the Fall of Hometree.

It was the other way around when it came to Parker who only saw Jake as a tool in removing the Omaticaya safetly and peacefully from their Hometree before beginning mining operations there. To keep the RDA's promise, Colonel Miles Quaritch had offered him a deal of helping the RDA in reaching their objectives and in return he would get his spine fixed.

In turn, Jake agreed and was soon paired with Grace and Norm on a scientific sortie to the forest. Eventually Jake became lost after a run in with a Thanator before being found by the Omaticaya princess Neytiri.

Brought before the Omaticaya leaders, it was decided upon Etyukan that Jake would be trained like the Na'vi under Neytiri's supervision. It was months into training that Jake decidedly disagreed with the RDA's motive and offered to help the Na'vi in fighting back against the aggressive nature that the RDA was taking.

The Destruction of the Tree of Voices[]

Soon after the completion of Jake's training. The RDA were on a timely schedule of arriving at the Omaticaya Hometree, unknowingly they demolished by accident the Tree of Voices, along with nearly killing Jake in the process. This kicked off a serious debate of war with the Humans amongst the Omaticaya, eventually Tsu'tey was chosen to lead the war party against the RDA.

Tsu'tey with warriors on Direhorse's and Banshee's began attacking the Hell Trucks that had lead to the destruction of the Tree of Voices. The attack caught SecOps troopers off guard, with many of them later found dead including the destruction of Hell Trucks and AMPs.

An investigative team had found the wreckage and bodies a day later, including the footage that was seen earlier by Parker and Quaritch of finding Jake destroying one of the Hell Truck's security camera. This lead to the arrest of Jake and the science team who were currently staying out in the Hallelujah Mountains.

Fearing that Hometree was being targeted that day, Jake and Grace eagerly persuaded Parker about the consequences of attacking Hometree without at least Jake alerting the Na'vi about them and giving them a chance to escape. Trying to not dig a hole for the RDA in the publicity stage as well as battling his own consciousness. Parker agreed to let Jake and Grace meet up with the Omaticaya.

By the time Jake and Grace sought out Eytukan, it was too late. Even more so was that the Na'vi were surprised - shocked even - that Jake was going to betray them and turn them over to the RDA. Without any success, Jake and Grace's Avatars were immediately tied to posts for execution. The end result was a diplomatic failure on Jake's part.


The end result of the destruction of the Tree of Voices as a led attack by Tsu'tey and a group of Na'vi warriors. Their retaliation had resulted in the complete destruction of all the dozers, including the deaths of the SecOps troopers who were ordered to guard them on their way to the Omaticaya Hometree. After having completely destroyed the vehicles, the RDA sent in teams to investigate what had happened.

The team had concluded, as most would have figured it out by now, that the Na'vi attacked them. Colonel Miles Quartich found this to be an act of war, and questioned whether or not the Na'vi should be treated as less-than-dangerous indenginous or as a possible threat to Hell's Gate. He got his wishes in attacking the Na'vi by the order that Parker gave in removing the Omaticaya Hometree.

The Fall of Hometree[]

Preparing for the Strike

SecOps preparing the assault on the Omaticaya Hometree.

Selfridge gave the green light for SecOps to lead the assault on the Omaticaya Hometree, under the condition that no Na'vi is harmed. Quaritch, finding this to be red tape, agreed but did not care if the Na'vi were harmed in the process. Taking a fleet of Samson's, Scorpion's, and one Dragon - Quaritch led the attack as Jake had failed with diplomatic negotiatons.

It was later discovered that Jake was tied to a post along with Grace who also tried to help Jake in telling the situation with the Na'vi. It was no longer a concern for Quaritch who he found the man to have betrayed him and his word.

The assault quickly took place with first gassing the Na'vi with a sleep sedative that knocked them unconsciously. The Na'vi in returned retaliated by attacking the vehicles with arrows to no avail, simply scratching the wind shields of the Dragon that Quaritch was in. Feeling that there was no time to waste with the tree, Quaritch ordered everyone to switch to high explosive weapons.

Fearing this, the Omaticaya clan leader asked many of the warriors to take the Banshees in an attempt to flee. The others were asked to leave while Jake and Grace remained tied to the post. Soon the missiles from the RDA fleet began firing upon the Hometree's weak structures. This caused massive damage both internally and externally, resulting in increased casualities to the Na'vi who were trying to escape.

Not knowing what else to do, the clan's Matriarch spiritual leader - Mo'at - untied Jake and Grace, but not before asking for their help. Agreeing with this, both Grace and Jake helped the remaining Na'vi escape as their Hometree soon crumpled under the distress of its structural pillars. This caused the entire tree to fall over, killing many Na'vi in the process, including the clan leader Etyukan.

Finding the job was done, Quaritch and the rest of the fleet returned to Hell's Gate. However, many of the Na'vi were now homeless and frightened of the possibility that these aliens were capable of.


Neytiri cries

Jake coming to see Neytiri after the destruction of their Hometree.

Soon after the fall of the Omaticaya Hometree, Jake had sought out Neytiri before being outcasted by her for betraying the clan. Feeling helpless, Jake tried to mend the wounds before ultimately being disconnected with his Avatar. He was awaken by SecOps who were currently arresting the Driver's responsible in their mutiny against the RDA.

Sitting alone in the brig. Jake, Norm, and Dr. Augustine awaited for their ultimatum at Hell's Gate before being rescued by Trudy who helped them escape Hell's Gate.

Operations Center soon found the group heading for the docks and alerted SecOps, prompting Quaritch to shoot-to-kill the team. He ended up wounding only Grace during the escape.

Gathering the Na'vi Clans[]

Finding no other solution to show the Na'vi that he and his team were on the People's side, Jake attempted a risky and dangerous maneuver in bonding with the Great Leonopteryx. After successfully bonding with one, Jake immediately went to the Tree of Souls to seek out Neytiri and Tsu'tey. Mending the incident that rifted between Jake and Neytiri, Jake offered is help for the People in anyway, but he asked for help in saving Grace.

Bringing Dr. Augustine to the Tree of Souls, Mo'at and the Omaticaya clan tried to help bridge her consciousness between her human body and the Avatar to transfer the consciousness over to her Avatar. This however proved unsuccessful with Grace shortly passing away.

Soon after, Jake gave a speech to the demoralized Omaticaya, giving them hope and promise of a new world without the RDA. This lead through a continental search for the neighboring clans and warning them of the RDA, bringing them together in an attempt to assault Hell's Gate.


Deep Memory

Col. Miles Quaritch war meeting with most of the RDA employees.

RDA satellites quickly picked up heat signatures at the Tree of Souls, showing many signs of activity of the Na'vi who have begun gathering there. Sensing an impending attack due to the assault on the Omaticaya Hometree, Quaritch devised a plan on assaulting them again at the Tree of Souls.

The plan was simple yet flawed. The fleet was to head straight through the Hallelujah Mountains, but the flaw in doing this meant that they lose the ability of guidance electronics. This would force their assault vehicles to close in on the Na'vi if they decided to attack. SecOps who saw their victory during the assault on the Omaticaya Hometree expected the assault on the Tree of Souls to be nothing more than a chicken shoot - expecting little retaliation due to the Na'vi's backwards technology.

This however was not approved by Parker, who he himself had feared would smear a disturbing image of the RDA as a war mongering entity on Pandora. Confronting Quaritch in the Armor Bay, Parker was threatened with resignation by Quaritch as the Commander of SecOps. Quaritch meanwhile didn't find the threat credible and instead threatened Parker by telling him that they were "Far away from Earth".

After failing to stop this, Parker returned to the Operations Center to watch, along with many others, as the battle raged on viewerscreens across the colony.

Two-Front Battle[]

The plan was simple, as described by Quaritch, the RDA would land infantry forces to meet the Na'vi head on while aerial forces would provide cover for ground forces. Expecting interference with the Hallelujah Mountains, all vehicles and their pilots used visual senses and clues to aid them in their fight against potential Na'vi who would undoubtedly use the forest banshee in their attacks.

The ground forces consisted of both amplified mobility platforms and foot soldiers. Once they made landfall, they were to slowly make their way to the Tree of Souls. However, they immediately encountered Na'vi forces who attacke first. In the air, Quaritch's Dragon and many other vehicles were already being assaulted by Na'vi forces commanded by Tsu'tey.

Ground Ambush[]

The Na'vi forces led by the Horse Plains clan assaulted SecOps aggressively but were unable to keep the momentum. They were quickly forced to retreat as soon as they meet AMP's holding the rear of the RDA line. With indecision, many Na'vi continued to hold their ground including that of Norm Spellman. According to several veterans of the conflict, the ground attack of the Na'vi lasted a mere five minutes before they were in full retreat. Once the Na'vi had vacated the region, the RDA forces continued on foot towards the Tree of Souls. It was here that they eventually came into contact with the fauna of Australis. This included many of the large and aggressive species that easily stampeded the RDA forces. Scattered and confused in the mess, the Na'vi took this opportunity to fight against the Humans one by one. Squads of SecOps were seperated and were forced to defend themselves with futile attempt against the Na'vi who killed them without hesitation.

The ground assault by the RDA ended as soon as the SecOps squads managed to pile aboard Samsons who they themselves were in full retreat.

Aerial Ambush[]

An aerial assault led by Tsu'tey took the fight to the RDA. At tbe beginning of the skirmish, the Na'vi hid in the mountains high above the altitude the vehicles of the RDA were traveling at. As soon as the vehicles were in attacking distance, the Na'vi took the opportunity to attack first. Flying high and striking down towards the unsuspecting vehicles, the Na'vi had the uppder hand in the battle. With the attempt of disabling or destroying the Valkyrie, Tsu'tey and Jake fought their way to the vehicle with Tsu'tey taking the fight to the soldiers in the loading bay. It would not last long before being shot several time and falling to his death. Jake himself desired to bring the Valkyrie down by any means necessary.