• Ruthlessgravity

    Expanding The Wiki

    December 30, 2012 by Ruthlessgravity

    There are several topics that need to be expanded. The following list includes:

    • Omaticaya
    • Tipani
    • Many of the flora
    • Many of the fauna
    • Na'vi Culture

    If you feel there should be more, please add to the list.

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  • Ruthlessgravity

    You and the Wiki

    January 15, 2012 by Ruthlessgravity

    So most folks are well acquainted with what a wiki is. So I'll skip that and get down right to it.

    If you're here to create your character profile, please look on Theo Garland's character article and see how it is made. ALL character profiles must follow this style of work. You can easily copy this style by going into edit and copy the code. If you do not see the code, look on the right hand side of the edit window and there will be tabs. Click on the 'SOURCE' tab to get the code.

    NOW, if your character is a Na'vi, please look on Ninat's profile and copy the code. Do not copy the Na'vi profile code and use it on a human, vice-versa.

    From there, go ahead and do what you want with your character's article. Throw some images, add some quotes. Whatev…

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