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Bring Down The Sky
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Chapter I
Date June 27th, 2158
Locations Hell's Gate, Pandora
Important Personnel Jake Sully
Dr. Catherine Harrison
Meredith Sharp
Jasun Hitinya
Jia Hawthorne
Factions Omaticaya
Deaths None
Aftermath Minor injuries resulted from the stellar flare of Alpha Centauri A and C. RDA is granted access to mine under the condition that the Na'vi supervise the mining operation.
Story The Icarus Contingency


June 27th, 2158. Polyphemus has begun its elliptical orbit around Cen A (Alpha Centauri A) with Pandora - Polyphemus's moon making its own orbits around its mother planet. The sun has begun to rise amongst the horizon of the forest that abounds Extra-Solar Colony 01 - the lone human colony of Pandora with a ironic moniker.

Today is the big day, not only for Dr. Catherine Harrison but for her fellow colleagues as well. Meredith Sharp was given the task to research into finding a suitable place to mine unobtanium as the current mine has become far too dangerous to mine with the available equipment and man power. Jasun Hitinya - a biologist and trained Avatar driver has been ordered to escort Dr. Harrison to serve as a translator between the RDA and the Na'vi. Jia Hawthorne, a SecOps officer is also tasked in joining Dr. Harrison; providing security. The Na'vi may judge the humans for this but the extra firepower is strictly for unsuspecting animals who may enter Hell's Gate with the intent of harming her or the Na'vi. Hell's Gate after all is constantly under siege.

Jake and Amanti, two clan leaders from two equally different clans - the Omaticaya and Tipani respectively have agreed to meet with the RDA on their turf. Jake who seems quite optimistic in this venture believes that the person he chose to be the Administrator is simply asking for help. While the Tipani are known for their reclusive and aggressive nature towards the Skypeople, it is believed that Amanti too holds a certain degree of doubt of these humans and what they may be asking from the Na'vi.

With Amanti follows Kirr'ash, a fellow Tipani clan member who is a hunter of the clan as well as a scout. Thus begins the meeting on the docks of Hell's Gate...

Day 1[]

Dr. Harrison scrambles to prepare herself to meet with the Na'vi delegates who agreed to meet on the human grounds of Hell's Gate. Sensing this may be a minor drawback, Harrison agrees to bring along Avatar drivers with her. Amongst them is Meredith and Jasun.

The Na'vi delegates soon arrive on the front door step of Hell's Gate. Jake who has always serve as the peace keeper between his people and the RDA strictly arrived here under the banner of peace. Amanti meanwhile feels this meeting is meant that the humans seek a way to slither past their guard and to continue mining their land.

When both parties meet on the docks, the talks begin almost immediately with Harrison bringing up the issue that concerns her and the people of Hell's Gate.