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The CARB training rifle is a non-lethat, non firing model of the GS-221 CARB assault rifle. This piece of e

CARB Base Unit cut-away prototype

CARB base unit training gun

quipment was specificly designed for safe firearms training without the need of using real firearms.


CARB PDW non-gun

GS-221 PDW training gun

The GS-221 training rifle is a non-lethal training tool, that is used for firearms training. The CARB training gun is not a weapon, since it cannot shoot anything. It has a recoil and shell ejection mechenism, to simulate the real GS-221's recoil. The mechanism is a modified jigsaw internals, with an added ejecter and weight in the back to simulate recoil. This gives the operator a feel of the real CARB rifle without the use of gunpouder. some models have a LED light inside the berrel to simulater muzzle flash, and a knob to regulate the rounds per minute. the simulator is electricly powered, the ON/OFF switch is under the pistol grip. The batteries are located in the fake magazine, in which is also the magazine well, were a thin magazine goes in which contains the fake 6.2 x 35 rounds, which are dummy cartridges, and don't contain gunpouder. When firing, the cartridges fling out the ejection port, simulating empty shell ejection.


Just like the real steel GS-221, the training version comes in diffrent variants, the PDW, and the full size standard issue CARB assault rifle. The base unit has a knob to regulate the rounds per minute with a counter on the magazine, which isn't present on the PDW nor the full size.