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GS-221 PDW

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CARB Weapon System variants

The Cellular Ammunition Rifle Base (CARB) is an advanced, modular infantry weapon system, developed by the Matanza Arms Corporation. The CARB is designed to fit the needs of modern infantry as well as private military units and security personnel. The system is built around the CARB Base Unit, which is a fully automatic assault rifle with a bullpup configuration. A variety of modular equipment can be attached quickly and easily to the base unit, allowing for the system to be quickly adapted to a wide variety of roles.

Specifications GS-221 GS-221M
Full name: GS-221 GS-221 Modular
Type: Assault rifle Modular assault rifle
Place of origin: Spain Spain
Produced by: Matanza Arms Corp. Matanza Arms Corp
Calibre: 5.56 x 45 NATO

.223 Remington

6.2 x 35 mm cased

6.2 x 35 mm caseless
Length: 49 cm (PDW)

75 cm (standard)

39 cm - base unit

48 cm - with short PDW berrel (39 cm base unit +10 cm berrel)

75 cm - with standard berrel (39 cm base unit + 14,2 cm berrel)

Weight: PDW: 2,9 kg (unloaded) 3.4 kg (loaded)

Standard: 4.4 kg (hnloaded) 5 kg (loaded)

Base unit:
Specifications TERRA I Phalanx
Specifications TERRA I Phalanx
Full name: TERRA I Phalanx
Type: Assault rifle Pump-action shotgun
Place of origin: ESC-01 'Hell's Gate', Pandora Spain
Produced by: Resources Development Administration under

Matanza Arms Corp license

- Matanza Arms Corp


Calibre: 5.56 x 45 mm or 2.23 mm Remington 20 mm
Length Most likely the same as the original GS-221

(75 cm) but not know exactly

81 cm
Weight Unknown 5. 2 kg (unloaded)

6 kg (loaded)


The first CARB weapon was a 3D printed Bullpup assault rifle that later became the predecessor to the modern-day CARB GS-221, and the RDA-produced SRA-33. In it's initial design, a French missile systems developer based the frame and look of the rifle after the MR-C by the Crye Associates who had created the rifle in the early 21st Century. After the prototype was completed, the Matanza Arms Corporation, a Spanish company, began shopping to potential clients who may be interested in the weapon.

Several governments sought out the CARB due to the numerous modifications that can be applied as well as the ammunition that can be used. Prior to the development of the CARB base unit, most governments researched electromagnetic rail weapon systems as well as gauss systems. Both later proved to be incredibly expensive with inpractical use.

The base model can be modified with an extended barrel, 20mm munitions launcher, and/or day/night stabilized optical zoom scope. Ammo for the munitions launcher includes fin-stabilized high explosives, grenades, or tactical buckshot.

The launcher has an optional air-burst capability. When the GS-221 CARB was sold to several governments, it quickly gained a reputation for the most versatile weapon system on Earth at the time.

Through the decades, more variations and newer models began to surface from the Matanza Corporation, however they were later bought out as a sub-branch of weapons developments by the Resources Development Administration. The RDA produced CARB rifle was designated the SRA-33, which was then also produced on Pandora.


All scecs of all CARB variants were given in the board above, and were take from the original Avatar Wiki

  • GS-221 - Assault rifle
  • GS-221M (M for modular) - A modular weapon system, based on the GS-221
  • TERRA I - assault rifle (simplified version of the GS-221, produced by RDA licensed by Matanza Arms Corp
  • PHALANX - 20mm launcher capable of firing verious shotgun load and explosive loads such as 20mm grenades


Numerous modifications can be applied to the base unit. A standard SRA-33 rifle can quickly be turned into a potentially lethal anti-material rifle. Here is a list of modifications that can be currently be applied to the CARB base unit.

  • HCOG (Holographic Combat Optics Gunsight) — A telescopic gunsight that can be applied to the CARB base unit to allow aid in tracking the target thanks in part by a minature red triangle in the middle of the sights. The difference between the Reflex gunsight and the HCOG is that the HCOG has a magnification levels from 1.5× to 6×
    RDA soldier with CARB submachine gun back

    A Sec-Ops operative with a CARB submachine gun, equipped with a HCOG optical sight

  • Reflector Holographic Gunsight — A simple aid in tracking the target. Can be easily attached to all CARB base units.
  • Telescopic Rifle Scope — A high powered telescopic scope that can be readily attched to either the SRA-33 or the SRS-72. It has a magnification level ranging between 12× to 20×.