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The Ceremonial Bow is an interesting type of bow found amongst the Na'vi tribes as it is by

Ceremonial bow

all means the perfect bow in the Na'vi arsenal. As suggested by the title, the bow is used in ceremonies involving religious involvement or that of clan meetings. There is only one ceremonial bow that is found in each clan with the user being that of the Clan Leader. Unlike it's Recurve Bow counterpart, the ceremonial bow was designed to perfection to handle any kind of situation. Fashioned in honor of the direhorse, these exquisite bows are traditionally handed down from generation to generation, and become powerful symbols of survival, continuity, and tradition.

The bow's wood is crafted from the Na'vi's Hometree and the string is made from animal gut. Other elements, such as the blue leaf-like structures sprouting from the handle of the bow, are presumably made from leaves or other Na'vi-constructed materials. All the materials are held together by tightly woven straps and strings. The arrows are held by a cylinder-like structure in front of the handle of the bow, freeing the Na'vi wielders from needing a quiver to hold the arrows in a Terran-like fashion.

The ceremonial bow of the Omaticaya was used by Neytiri during the Battle of Pandora and was eventually given to Jake Sully who todays carries it everywhere he goes.

Neytiri and Eytukan

Neytiri with the ceremonial bow