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CetOps, meaning Cetetian Operations is a oceanic division of the RDA, focused on mining resources from the oceans of Pandora.



The Cetatian Operations division is believed to been created between 2154 and 2168., after the RDA discovered that a native species living in Pandora's oceans contain very valueble resources that could be used in production of verious products. They are stationed at Bridgehead, a large city-like base built by the RDA near the ocean.


The CetOps have a wide range of equipment and vehicals designed to operate both on land and sea. The most notable is the Crabsuit, a crab-like mechanized vehical capable of operating on land aswell as underwater, it can also be re-configured as a submarine if necessary. Other vehicals include the picadore, a small-sized, high-speed rocket boat, the Matadore, a high-speed whaling vessel that can also act as a forward-command ship, aswell as the Sea Dragon - a large factory ship used by the CetOps as a primary resource-gathering and processing vessel, which also acts as a mnothership at sea, being able to take in smaller sea-going vessels.

The CetOps, aswell as SecOps personnel stationed aboard their ships wear navy blue uniforms. When aboard ships they have orange life vests. Security personnel wear a FAST Carbon helmet in blue, matching the color of their uniforms. Combat gear includes a black tactical vest.


• CARB standard issue rifle, the new batch has been updated with flip-up sights.

• RDA Handgun, standard issue sidearm for the SecOps aswell as CetOps personnel.