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The Civilaian CARB rifle is a civilian-legal copy of the GS-221 assault rifle. The rifle is mainly used by civilians on Earth, however, it is also bein

Civilian CARB rifle concept

Civilian CARB rifle with pinpoint sight

g issued by the RDA to civilian personnel when working outside-the-wire.



The Civilian CARB rifleis a CARB that was designed for the civilian market, and differs from it's military counterpart. The civilian-legal version has a longer berrel, since the CARB has a detachable berrel, it is counted from the end of the base unit. The original CARB has a 14,2 in berrel, it is illegal for a civilian to own such a firearm without a SBR permit (short berrel rifle), the berrel was extended, some rifles have a fake sound suppressor to hide it. The berrel is also pinned to the base unit perminently, and cannot be removed. The Civilian CARB is semi-automatic only, although selective-fire versions do exist, however, they cannot be aquired legaly without a type III firearm premit, however the selective fire variant is a standard issue weapon for civilian RDA personnel on Pandora when working outside the wire for self defense only.