The Clan Leader (Na'vi name: Olo'eyktan) is the most important member of a Na'vi clan and is similar to a chieftain. The leader is in charge of the clan and may rule along with his or her mate. A clan leader's duties is usually that of protection and guidance as well as serving as a warrior of the clan. The most notable of these leaders was Eytukan of the Omaticaya and the father to Neytiri. He died while protection his people during a raid manufactured by the RDA some six years ago upon their Hometree.

Induction[edit | edit source]

Currently, humans have only recently seen the change in leadership from the Omaticaya. After the death of Eytukan, the leadership role fell to Tsu'tey and after his death during the Battle of Pandora, the role went to Jake Sully. It is now understood that the role of a clan leader can be passed down to a non-blood line individual. As for becoming a leader, information is scarce as to how a Na'vi chooses but it is known that the Na'vi do in fact arrange marriages in order to keep the line of succession continuing in the form of highly respected skilled and talented of all Na'vi within the clan.

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