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"The end never justifies my means"
―Dominik Temple
Dominik Temple
Biographical Information
Name: Dominik Temple
Born: Redacted
Nationality: United States of America
Family Members:
  • Redacted
Physical Description
  • Human
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
  • Project Specialist
  • RDA
Behind The Scenes
Portrayed By: James Callis

Dominik Temple is a Project Specialist, a fixer, who intervenes in projects that are percieved to be in danger economically to the wallet of the RDA. Serving 15 years under the Resources Development Administration, Dominik is considered to be a ruthless yet polite man amongst his peers. His charisma is flawless as is his ingenius attitude towards getting things done. The RDA believes that he is the key in making their only colony on Pandora work effectively.


Little is known about Dominik Temple except for his astounding record while serving under the RDA. He was in many projects leading up to traveling to Pandora. Prior to Pandora, he was managing a secret developmental project within the Avatar Program. The project itself revolved around the idea of transferring full consciousness from one body to another, allowing the individual to fully inhabit that body without having to go back and forth. Due to numerous failures and exceedingly bigger budget, the RDA asked Temple to intervene and fix the problem.