Avatar: Initium Wiki
Biographical Information
Name: Eanul
Birth Clan: Aunari
Family Members:
  • Female (Mate)†
  • Female Child†
  • Male Child†
  • Male Child†
Physical Description
Species: Na'vi
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Title(s): First Toruk Makto
  • Na'vi
    • Aunari

Eanul was born during the Age of Awakening -- a time in which warring clans fought one another just before the Great Union. Human historians on the Na'vi believe that the Age of Awakening was the first age for all the na'vi as they were crawling out from an era of pure primal drive. The time of which Eanul was born precisely is unknown.

During his early adulthood, his clan fought desperately against another unknown clan, waging war on multiple locales that have yet to be known. The war dragged other clans, inciting a catastrophic regional war. Fearing the annihilation of his own clan, Eanul bravely made a connection with a Great Leonopteryx, marking for the first time in na'vi history of a Toruk Makto or rider of the Leonopteryx.

He took the war to the opposing clan and fought inch by inch against their enemies. Eventually however during the height of the conflict, the war came to his home. The clan, who historians believe to have died out long ago, destroyed the Aunari.

It was believed for a time that Eanul was part of their destruction and ultimately to na'vi history.

Thousands of years later Eanul was discovered on Gaokerena, an island in the Termia Meridies, by a small rescue team comprised of na'vi and humans. Neytiri was the first to encounter Eanul who had taken up an appearance of Theo Garland to fool her into joining his cause to seek revenge against Eywa.

Speculation surrounds Eanul on who he is exactly or how he even survived for so many years on an island separate from all continents on Pandora.