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Celestial Object Information

Milky Way


Sol System

Satellite Of


Number of Satellite(s)

1 (The Moon)


6,371.0 km


5.9736 kg


0.99732 g

Atmospheric Density

1 Earth

Surface Pressure

101.325 kPa

Known Specie(s)


Notable Residents
  • Jake Sully (formerly)
  • Dr. Grace Augustine (formerly)†
  • Thomas Sully†

Earth is the third planet from the Sun, the largest of the four terrestrial planets, and the fifth largest and densest of the eight planets in the Solar System (or Sol System). Earth is also known to be the origin planet for Humanity - a bidepal race who have extended their reach of space exploration all the way to Alpha Centauri where they have colonized Pandora.

Events Prior to Avatar[]

21st Century[]

At the beginning of the 21st century, the world began to change technologically. For better or for worse, so did the planet Earth. Massive waves of environmental support was spurred on early in the century due to the rising awareness of global warming. Meanwhile, the colonization of the Moon was nothing short of a big achievement, while humans still sent robots in their way to Mars and beyond.

Thanks in-part with the colonization of the Moon, humans began mining the lunar surface for Helium-3. This eventually was used as a companion energy source for large growing cities on Earth.

By the mid-century, Earth was rapidly descending into a ecological nightmare. Despite the warnings of global warming and the changing shift to more green technology, this did not stop the impending destructive event known as "Deadfall"; a systematic domino effect in the destruction of Earth's environment. The first event began in 2061 when the sun fired off a massive build up of solar winds that nearly punctured Earth's magnetosphere. Stellar radiation had afflicted much of the human population, including animals and plants. Over fifteen percent of the human population had died from radiation sickness. Thankfully, electronics such as satellites in orbit around the planet and major energy stations were protected by magnetic shielding that were incorporated in their designs.

Without the advent of this technology, it is believed that in 2061, humans may have experience a global technological setback.

In the aftermath, Earth's governments began building "magneto-domes" that intend to shield the most populated of cities while smaller towns and cities build underground structures that would protect them. Such projects and designs were all different, with many being poorly constructed while others were so well designed that those cities grew overpopulated.

In 2075, the Sahara desert became depleted of ancient plankton, resulting in the complete decimation of the Amazon Rainforest. Hundreds of undiscovered species quickly became extinct along with native tribes that were forced to relocate. It is also known that due to the Amazon Rainforest reverting back to a desert, that this event had triggered other forests around the world to become dead in it's wake.

The Brazilian government led an effort to restart the dead soil and keep the rainforest alive, but ultimately it made the soil cracked and hard. The tree's that died could no longer be broken down by organisms as it would have calculated it would take at least a thousand years for all the dead trees to be decomposed. The Brazilian government then led a project to salvage much of the flora and peserve it.

The last known event was human cause, one that was not intentional. Due to the construction of the magneto-domes, humans needed a large amount of energy input to power the domes. This was done from fusion in correleation with other energy sources like nuclear power. The results was powerful, the domes began radiating off pollutants that were heavy and fell into the Earth's oceans and land everywhere. This contaminated edible marine organisms, thus preventing much of the world from eating them as well as contaminating soils that prevented edible crops to grow.

From then on, the only edible source from the Earth's oceans came from the Pacific as well as the use of algae and seaweed.

22nd Century[]

The 22nd Century was no better off as it once was in the late 21st. Despite the environmental changes undergoing, there was also much political shifts that ultimately had change much of the world's borders. Due to the nature of economic failures of several countries, surviving nations would sweep in and quite literally, but out those countries. With more land and more resources to gain, it became apparent that laws had to be in-placed to prevent nations like Russia and China from buying out a quarter of the world.

Even worse, thanks to the economic failures of some countries, this led to an outbreak of a potentially lethal strain of the influenza that had widespread impact. Thanks in part to new regulations set in by cities protected by the magneto-domes, the epidemic of the disease had only affect unfortunate and lesser of the human population.

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Hong Kong in 2114.

Cities became overpopulated, yet continued to expand due to the population growth. Food became scarce but breakthroughs in genetics had offered a way in feeding many large populations. However with the pollution of Earth's oceans and deforestation spurred on by natural causes, animals were becoming extinct faster than anyone could peserve.

Farm rigs were created in the Pacific, resulting in mass creation of food based products through the use of algae. Many other nations protested the creation of these farm rigs in the ocean, disputes were claim as to which nation had claimed what ocean. China, claiming they had much of the Pacific as well as United Republic of Korea and the Republic of Japan. The United States, backfired, citing Hawaii as their territory and claiming much of the Pacific.

What began as a simple aid to quell a growing population quicky spiraled into the Pacific Wars. The conflict began shortly after negotiations between China and Japan grew out of control after Japan promised to split their share of the territory over with China. China persisted in wanting more, leaving little for Japan.

China felt they were being lied to and spun a propaganda campaign against Japan. Japan retaliated in telling the 'truth' against China. Soon there after, China blockaded many of Japan's harbors, including Tokyo - the life line of the cities food came through their harbor.

By fall of 2111, war broke out when a Chinese submarine sanked a cargo ship filled with food aid coming in from Russia. The war continued well into 2114 before the European Union stepped in, along with much of USAN (United South American Nations). The war had quickly ended when food was being grown on the Moon thanks through Lunar Terraformation. Lunar Terraformation was created by the RDA in an attempt to feed the world, it was a technological breakthrough in which mass amounts of food was created in underground bunkers around the Moon. The food, all vegitation crops were grown securely off Earth.