Forward Operationg Base Sykes is a temporary constructed aerial field located in the Termia Meridies. Prior to the Great Sorrow, the RDA had numerous FOB's around Pandora, restricted to the regions of Australis. They were used as expansion points for Hell's Gate in the early years of colonization before being used as military strongholds against encroaching Na'vi. With the Na'vi growing increasingly aggressive and stock holders worried that Hell's Gate and the entire experiment of Pandora would flop, the RDA decided to retool the FOB's as scientific outposts. However, the Na'vi were not too pleased with the idea of Human expansion and continued their harassment towards these bases. Eventually, the RDA decided to shut down the bases. Unable to fully deconstruct the buildings, they were left to the devices of the Na'vi to which they utterly trashed and laid ruin to.

Sykes meanwhile is the first known forward operating base in 2159. It is currently being used as a rallying station to conduct research on the nearby islands that harbor the possible locale of the Star Tree. It contains several habitat modules used by Human scientists and soldiers. An makeshift airfield was also built in mind to keep aeriel vehicles on standby.