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GS-2211 Assault rifle

The GS-221 is a assault rifle from the CARB series, produced by Matanza Arms Corp on Earth,  The GS-221 is the base unit on which the later CARB variants were based on, seen used by diffrent countries on Earth as well as by the RDA and SecOps forces on Pandora.

Full name: Cellular Ammunition Rifle Base GS-221
Type: Assault rifle
Place of origin: Spain
Produced by: Matanza Arms Corporation (Later produced by the Recources Developmenmt Administrztion under license as the TERRA I on Pandora
Calibre: 5. 56 x 45mm NATO

.223 Remington

6.2 x 35 cased

Length: Standard: 75 cm

PDW: 49 cm

Weight: GS-221 PDW: 2,9 kg (unloaded

3.4 kg (loaded)

GS-221 standard: 4.4 kg (unloaded)

5 kg (loaded)

The Cellular Ammunitium Rifle Base (CARB) GS-221 is a automatic assault rifle that is produced by the spanish Matanza Arms Corporation. the GS-221 is a bullpup designed weapon, which means that magazine is located in the stock of the weapon, which cuts down the length of the weapon while not needing to minimize the barrel. That lets the user have a smaller rifle with the same full-size barrel length. however, there is also a short barrel version of the GS-221, which is ment tio be a PDW. The full size version has a AR-15 styled foregrip with R.I.S rails, that lets the user mount all sorts of attachments and accessories, such as a optic sight, or tactical tourch, as well as a underbarrel foregrip or a munitions launcher. The GS-221 has a polymer box-type magazine, that has a 80 round copacity. and the magazine release switch is founch on the bottom of the pistolgrip and has a ambidextous fire selector switch. The GS-221 has three firing modes: safe, semi and fully automatic fire. The ejection port is located on the right side of the weapon. it has a Mini-14-style charging handle, some rifles were spotted with dust covers. The bolt stays in the rear position after the last round has been fired. The 6.2 x 35mm variant has a smaller ejection port and fires from an open bolt

GS-221 PDW[]

Oftenly falsly called a submachine gun, the PDW or Personal Defense Weapon variant has a shorter barrel, and no tactical rails on the sides, only top and bottom. The PDW is often seen with a verdical foregrip with a built-in laser pointer, it also can

CARB PDW with unmodded mini-14 charging handle

be equiped with a sound suppressor. The PDW is issued mainly to vehical drivers, mainly aircraft pilots and tank crews, as well as security guards at RDA bases and convoy escorts


The GS-221 os the standard issue rifle in the Security Operations RDA, however,  in  2132, the RDA applied for a liceanse, and from 2133 the GS-221 was produced localy on Pandora at Hell's Gate as the TERRA I, they a

RDA solder with CARB submachine gun

two SecOps solders firing CARB submachine guns

lso produced a civilian version of that rifle. Both of these rifles the GS-221 and the TERRA I are commenly seen being used by RDA forces.

GS-221 in 6.2 x 35

GS-221 in 5.56 x 45 NATO

GS-221 Modular (GS-221M)