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The GS-221 Modular variant (refered to as the GS-221M, GS-221A1 or just GS-221) is an Automatic weapon, designed to fit the needs of modern-day military and private units, it is a modular weapon system, chambered for the 6.2 x 35 mm caseless round. The GS-221M is based on the GS-221 that fires the 5.56 x 45 mm cased ammunition, however it differs from the GS-221 in a lot of ways. The GS-221M seen multiple use on Earth in verious regions (such as the Middle-East, South America) as well as on Pandora.

History & development[]

Original WETA CARB Concept (2)

Diagram showing the CARB prototype

After the successful release of the GS-221 assault rifle, the Matanza Arms Corp desicided to take the design a step further, and create an entire weapon system, based on the GS-221 assault rifle. in 2144, the Matanza Arms Corp began the development of a new CARB variant, that would be more sdoptable then the original GS-221, while keeping the CARB shape and design in tact. the changes were made mainly inside the weapon. The main diffrence is the calibre, which was originaly ment to stay the same, however later was decided to that the new weapon would use the smaller but much faster 6.2 x 35 mm caseless round. That coused the ejection port to dissapear. Thanks to the calibre change, the weapon's magazine copacity drasticly increased from 30 to 80 rounds. The magazines, just like with Matanza Arms's other CARB firearms, were produced by Boxstak, a munitions manufacturer incorporated by Matanza Arms.


The GS-221M is like a weapon LEGO set, that could be adopted to any tactical situation. The main diffrence between the GS-221 and the modular variant is that the GS-221M has a quick-detatch berrel, that could be switched out in any envirment. The GS-221 is a bullpup design, meaning that the magazine with the chamber are behind the trigger group. The GS-221 Modular fires the 6.2 x 35 mm caseless ammunition, however, there was a 5.56 x 45 mm variant, but it was only in prototype phase, and was never released. Thare are 5.56 mm conversion kits. The GS-221 uses disposable one-use only box magazines, with a 80 round copacity. The magazine has a electronic ammo counter on the sides, letting the operator know, how much rounds are in thje magazine. The circular charging handle is located above the magazine well, with has to be rotated to chamber the first round. The weapon is capable of semi and fully automatic fire, and can spit rounds out up to 600 round per minute. The GS-221 can use all kinds of ammunition, inbcluding Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), armour piercing (AP) high explosive (HE) and High Explosive Armor Piercing (HEAP)