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Location Information
Location: Termia Meridies, Pandora

Gaokerena is the official codename for an archipelago of islands located in the northern hemisphere of Pandora, sitting at an approximate angle directly facing outwards away from the gas giant Polyphemus. Much of what is known is very little, at the time of colonization, the RDA had sent a team of explorers to the island as the island itself was exhibiting strange signals. The signals were in turn x-rays that were being picked up by low-orbiting satellites that the RDA had launched soon after colonization began. The team launched from one of several high altitude and drop deployement habitat modules from an Interstellar Vehicle that was at the time orbiting Pandora.

The team, upon landing were sending information back to Hell's Gate. Much of this information was only recently uncovered by Dr. Catherine Harrison who later shared it with Jake Sully. What information there is only pertains to the fact that there are no animals but the island is heavily thicketed by vegetation. Other information is only described as possible 'mistakes' which are related to the environment itself. Geologist and scientists alike know the composite of what Pandora is made of, the weather that builds around the denser atmosphere and the oceans that are acidic in nature. However, the information concerning the environment surrounding Gaokerena is only labeled as 'impossible'.

Star Tree[]

The Na'vi believe, based upon reports of the islands is that the Star Tree exists. The Star Tree itself is a mythological take on genesis or of how Na'vi became... Na'vi in a way. The tribes Tipani and Omaticaya have different words for the tree itself, but many if not all believe that the tree does in fact exist. The matter is where it exists. Though neither clan has set about in finding it, an expedition led by the RDA has allowed the Na'vi to gain a gimplse of the islands to see for themselves.