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"The Na'vi have us stuffed in a jar, this vaccine is our only way out of it."
―Gavin Archer suggesting black mail against the Na'vi
Gavin Archer
Biographical Information
Name: Gavin Archer
Born: February 15, 2110
Nationality: United Kingdom
Family Members: Unknown
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Title(s): Head Administrator of Hell's Gate
Loyalty: RDA

Gavin Archer (born February 15, 2110) was an Administrator for the RDA who had taken command of all operations on Pandora in 2158 before dying by the hands of the Na'vi. He was considered to be mentally unstable during the Malborne Syndrome Crisis and had caused a great rift between the Na'vi and the RDA. Having threatened the Na'vi with the vaccine, the Na'vi had assaulted Hell's Gate in their attempt of retrieving the vaccine and stopping Gavin Archer.

Early History[]

Not much is known about Gavin's history with the exception that he was born in South Shields, England. He joined the ranks of the RDA to take part in handling operations with Pandora. As a low-ranking executive, he did much of the work on Earth before the RDA felt that Parker Selfridge was not keeping up with the demands that they had hoped for.

Sending him to Pandora, Gavin Archer was meant to replace Selfridge as Head Administrator of Hell's Gate.

Arrival in 2158[]

Gavin arrived aboard the ISC Spirit of Neveda that was going to re-supply Hell's Gate with personnel and equipment. Upon his arrival, they were greeted by the Na'vi and several remaining humans. Immediately following their arrival, Gavin was brought into talks with the Omaticaya leader Jake Sully in hopes of forging a treaty.

This treaty became known as the Pandoran Accords, a planned out treaty that kept most of Hell's Gates locked down.