The Gulf of Pillars is located north of Salbo Valley, about a hundred miles. While not far, it is divided by large cascading mountains that appear to seperate both environments and give it a rather tropical climate to the coastline. Here, a coastal tribe unlike the Eastern Sea Clan live along the coast of the gulf. Prior to the construction of Hadrian's Wall, this Na'vi tribe had lived fruitfully off the land as well the ocean.

By the time the RDA decided to secretly construct the secondary colony, the Na'vi fought for their land before being supressed by the heavy military firepower of SecOps. The entire idea for the construction of this colony was to develop weapons that were not under the watchful eye of the UN, along with plans of deep-sea activities that are currently not known.

However, the Gulf provides a plethora of strange and exotic creatures that have yet to be documented, as well as the unique formations off of the coast. The name 'Gulf of Pillars' was not named for no reason as seen by early Human workers when they realized of the arching rock formations found off the coast. They are similar in design but much larger in the ocean as seen of the volcanic remnants protecting the Tree of Souls.