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Flora Information
Na'vi Name: Kelutral
Origin: Pandora
Use(s): Habitat for the Na'vi
Average Height: 150 meters

A Hometree (Na'vi name: Kelutral) are massive tree(s) that can be found throughout Pandora, however the term Hometree is usually identified as tree that are in use by the Na'vi. Many Na'vi clans, such as the Omaticaya and the Tipani make these enormous trees their home - hence Hometree.

Other massive trees that are not occupied by the Na'vi are identified as Mountain Tree's. These tree's are commonly seen scattered through-out Pandora with a few creating a thick wall of vegitation, such as the Akat Mountains.

There are hundreds of disparate Na'vi clans on Pandora. Some of the clans, including the Omaticaya, live in ancient trees called "Hometrees" about 150m tall, or two to three times the height of the Terran redwoods that once covered the Pacific Northwest. The circumference of a Hometree is great enough to house dozens of clan members. The tree is honeycombed with natural hollows and alcoves in which the Na'vi sleep, eat, weave, dance and celebrate their connection to Eywa. Like many sacred sites on Pandora, the ruins of the Omaticayan Hometree sits above a large deposit of unobtanium.

Relationship with the Na'vi[]

Hometrees are generally described as being more than a hundred meters tall, with a hollow base supported by mangrove-like roots. Within this base there are many columns, creating a large central area. In this central area the branches and limbs of the tree form a natural spiral staircase, which the Na'vi use to move up and down the tree.

The name Hometree is misleading, as the structure is actually comprised of a grove of intertwined trees of the same species that have grown together, providing for mutual strength and structural reinforcement. This, coupled with Pandora's low gravity, is what accounts for the immense height of Hometree. The Omaticaya revere this quality of Hometree as a constant reminder that a community is stronger and more resilient than the sum of the individuals who comprise

Once the tree has been properly constructed to serve as a home for the clan, it is then decorated with a plethora of Na'vi related imagery and culture, including that of Eywa and animals. Much of which can be found whittled into the overlarged roots.

It has yet to be known whether or not a clan decides to leave a Hometree for whatever reason it may be as to date, the clan finds their hometree their origin much like a nation on Earth.

The territory surrounding the Hometree can be widespread but normally depending whether there are other neighboring clans and the populace of the clan itself.

As the rite of passage amongst the Omaticaya, young Omaticayan's earn the right to carve their bow from a branch from their Hometree. As for the Tipani, once a young Tipanian has accomplished their own rite of passage, they are granted to construct a bow from a root, citing the root to be both flexible and durable.