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Sawtute (Sky People)


Homo Sapiens




1.68 meters (6 feet)

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Humans are a sentient bipedal mammalian species from Earth. Humans have highly developed brains capable of abstract reasoning, language, introspection and problem solving, although human brains are far less anatomically complex than Na'vi brains. In this regard, Humans are far more technologically advance than the Na'vi by the time Humanity have colonized Pandora.

Space Faring[]

Humanity flew into the deep dark void of space nearly three centuries before man had first stepped on Pandora. At first, man had launched primitive satellites that merely collected data and sent it back to Earth. Then came along primitive rockets that launched only a single person before bringing them back down to Earth. Before long, humans were capable of sending people to Earth's satellite - the Moon.

For many more decades, a international coalition space station was built, followed by more trips into space and ultimately the colonization of the Moon. Humanity took great leaps in terms of technological advancement before they began colonizing other neighboring moon's and planets.

Prior to the inception of the RDA, it was only governments who were able to send Humans into space. During the early half of the 21st Century, this began to change. Soon private industry also stepped into the foray of space travel with the introduction of space tourism.

By this time, governments were no longer the source of sending people into space. Many of Earth's governments looked to private sectors in sending their scientists into space as well as maintaing an already old yet continously upgraded space station.

With a mining colony established on the Moon, many private sector groups looked into mining many more celestial objects in the solar system. Including asteroids, Mars, and the moons of Jupiter.

However, by the late 21st Century, the Resources Development Administration began looking to space as a means of a new source of revenue. Primarily in mining minerals from other celestial objects in space.

By the early 22nd Century, Humans have discovered a world that orbited a gas giant in Alpha Centauri - the closest neighboring solar system to Sol. This world was soon discovered to inhabited life as well as containing water. The discovery of this world lead to the name Pandora.