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IBSF assault rifle

The Imprint Balistic Solution on Firing (IBSF) is a assault rifle diseigned by Hirte& Fahl Arms that fires caseless ammunition.

Diseign and function[]

The IBSF assault rifle fires a 5 x 35 mm caliber 'intelligent' fire and forget projectlie that have small fins at the front and rear actuated by a simple nanoengineered electro-active polymer strand. Upon firing, the angle of the fins is set by a electrical signal passed into the bullet by the rifle. The rifle's built-in balistic computer, in liason with tactical impot from a veriety of battlefield sources (such as SAT, UAV etc.) calculate any balistic arc needed to hit the aquired target. In burst and fully autommatic fire, this provides a massive increase in accuracy, as the rifle counteracts the ihnerent unsteadyness and recoil of a hand-held weapon.


The IBSF assault rifle has a 50 round box-type exchanegable magazine. the charging handle is located on the right side of the weapon. It also has a integrated un-removable grenade launcher that fires high explosive 20 mm grenades. The launcher is also fed by a box-type removable magazine of 5 round compacity,