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I See You or Oel ngati kameie is a Na'vi greeting given by fellow clansmates of all clans on Pandora. Many alien sociologist believed the greeting stemmed from the mythological Star Tree that is featured so far in only one song amongst both the Omaticaya and Tipani.

The greeting has many variations with Oel ngati kameie considered the most common and widely used greeting between Na'vi. The second and more quick version is a hand gesture that begins by pressing all three fingers to the brow of the head and sweeping it down slightly to the bridge of the nose before departing from the face downward.


Origins surrounding the greeting has been a constant debate amongst scientists and Na'vi experts. One of whom is Theo Garland who believes that the origin of the greeting originated from the mythological Star Tree that is featured in only a single song in both Omaticaya and Tipani respectively. The story of the song that features the Star Tree surrounds two warring clans who fought for ten years over a single tree. The tree in the feud is regarded as the most beautiful tree on the moon, one of which that could perpetually support both clans for eternity. However, neither clans realizes this until a single morning when the alpha male warrior mistaken a female for one of his own clansmate.

He greeted her by saying "I See You", which stopped the huntress from attacking him.

Frozen in her steps, she did not know how to respond, stunned by the most profound words that struck her as beautiful. She was immediately recognized and driven back to her own camp. It was here that her clan adopted the greeting, which was eventually discovered by the origin's clan. Soon, the spiritual leader of the origin's clan felt that the clan they fought also found beauty in the deep spiritual meaning behind the greeting, citing they could not fight if they too were brothers and sisters in Eywa.

Soon, both clans agreed to live in union under the Star Tree with the alpha male warrior making the huntress he accidentally greeted as his mate. Over the years, both clans became one, and ultimately the strongest clan on Pandora.

Many of the descendants who left from this clan formed their own tribes, eventually covering all of Pandora, thus explaining the origins of the greeting.

However, despite this theory on the basis of a singular song, many other scientists believed the origin of the greeting simply spreaded and became regular use through mediums of trade and mating negotiations amongst neighboring clans.

There is yet to be a clan that does not use the greeting.


It is known that the RDA regularly if not frequently demand that no one uses the greeting when confronting the Na'vi. This is based on when at a time, the Tipani and the human colonists were in peaceful grounds, that the humans would greet the Tipani in their way. This fueled anger amongst several warriors who believed that such a greeting only belonged to the People.

In an attempt to shy away from conflict, the RDA from then on instructs all personnel at Hell's Gate to not use the greeting. Several figures however are known to give the greeting, normally those within the Avatar Program.

The Na'vi meanwhile use the greeting quite frequently but there is a set of rules when this greeting is given. If one Na'vi have not met the other Na'vi before in their lives, the greeting is required, followed by name and clan. If one Na'vi has not physically seen his other clansmate during that day, the greeting is required or else it is viewed that the Na'vi is arrogant or rude.

There are exemption's to fully verbally saying the greeting, with friends casually offering up the hand gesture.

Popular Culture[]

Ever since the discovery of this greeting by humans, the greeting was immediately turned into a pop song featuring Leona Lewis on vocals. The song expands on the theory and spiritual meaning behind the greeting. It has become quite popular amongst fans of the moon and the Na'vi, especially in the UK for which Leona Lewis is from.

The song has also been remixed by several popular DJ's on Earth, including one stationed at Hell's Gate.

It was known that Jake Sully, upon hearing the song during his time on Earth, didn't enjoy it; finding the song to be rather 'lame' and usually heard saying 'change the freaking record, man' while at bars or local night clubs.