Initium — The BeginningEdit

At the end of the Battle of Pandora, most of the RDA employee's have left Pandora to return to Earth. With defeat and many casualities, Parker Selfridge - the former Administrator of Hell's Gate - sleeps for a six year long journey back home with grave news about what has happened on Pandora.

Now, with the RDA gone, the Na'vi can finally live in peace. Those granted to stay behind continue their work in research and study in many scientific fields. Jake Sully becomes the clan leader of the Omaticaya clan while many within the Avatar Program have complete access to the clan.

The ArrivalEdit

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Nearly four year's later, ISV Spirit of Nevada arrives to Pandora. Unbeknownst to those who inhabit Hell's Gate, they gather to prepare for the new arrival. Currently there was no Administrator who occupied the position within Hell's Gate, at the time there were no RDA personnel either. For those who gathered, they believed the RDA was here to reinstate the old doctorate of strip-mining Pandora.

Gavin Archer who was sent by the RDA was to replace Parker Selfridge for the Administrator position. Like himself, others quickly find out that what the stumble upon is not exactly the Hell's Gate they were told. A skeleton crew maintained the colony, and less was that they were not RDA employee's. Fearing a quick mutiny, Gavin establishes himself as the Administrator and promises no harm to come to those who have departed themselves from the RDA.

With the word quickly spreading through out the neighboring tribes, Jake finds himself in an unsettling position as the first ambassador to the RDA. Representing the Na'vi as a whole, Jake travels to meet with Gavin on the edges of Hell's Gate where they begin forming an accord. This accord became the Pandoran Accords.

The Malborne Syndrome CrisisEdit

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Several months later, the disease known as the Malborne Syndrome begins to infect the Na'vi. The disease originated from deceased corpses that were buried by the Na'vi. The disease gradually over time adapted and mutated to its new environment before infecting animals, and then the Na'vi.

With the Na'vi fearing the worse, they believe the disease stemmed from the recent new arrival of Human's just month's ago. Meanwhile, Gavin believes he needed to get mining operations started up again. Knowing the Na'vi were watching their every move, he distracts the Na'vi with the issue concerning the Insurgents. Fighting against the Insurgency, the Na'vi's attention were pooled to focus on protecting many of the fighters who were trying to survive with what little resources they had.

With the Na'vi's hands tied behind their back, Gavin begins a surreptitious operation at Excavation Site Mine-01.

When RDA personnel were becoming infected by the disease, Gavin quickly order's what few medical scientists were left of the colony to formulate a vaccine to battle the disease.

The Na'vi soon took notice of the mining operation that was going on, sensing that Gavin was not keeping to his word, Jake is sent to deal with him personally. During a meeting, Gavin feigns the existence of his mining operation before ordering the assassination of Jake. The assassination was foiled when Jake moved at the last moment, killing a warrior instead.

After the assassination attempt, Jake returns with word that war had begun. Gathering the two neighboring clan's once again, he instructs them to assault Hell's Gate. This was not before word was given to Jake that the disease being spread, a vaccine was made to counter the disease. Knowing Gavin was not going to give up the vaccine easily, Jake instructs Norm Spellman to give the RDA Administrator an ultimatum for his life.

With the ultimatum handed to Gavin, he refuses to give into their demands. Instead, he turns the tables with his own offer. This offer was black mail, asking the Na'vi to not pay attention to the operations going on at the mines and he would have given them the vaccine.

Understanding that Gavin was not going to give up the vaccine, Jake and many of the Na'vi take part in the The Siege of Hell's Gate.

Aftermath and The Icarus ContingencyEdit

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Following the Siege, Gavin was found dead leaving the Administration position vacant for anyone to take. Jake, feeling it was his obligation, appointed Dr. Catherine Harrison as the new Administrator of Hell's Gate. The vaccine had also found its way across the neighboring tribes, treating the ill and infected before the sickness could take them.

Weeks after the siege, the Na'vi hunt down diseased animals in an attempt to quell all traces of the disease. Hell's Gate under Catherine's supervision changes. Reverting back to the Pandoran Accords, Catherine sets up a link between the RDA and the Na'vi in hopes of better communication and better relationships.

It wasn't long before Catherine recieves word of the approaching summer season on Pandora. Where the radiation was the strongest as Polyphemus grew closer to the twin stars of Alpha Centauri.

The problem grew when news of the radiation shielding that was covered on all buildings, powered by unobtanium began to dwindle rapidly. Forcing the RDA into an uncomfortable position to seek help from the Na'vi. This help would come in the form of a meeting with Catherine spearheading her attempt to have permission to mine more unobtanium.

Insurrection — The Beginning of The EndEdit

The New ArrivalsEdit

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It's December and the ISV Altair Borealis makes its final orbiting procedures around Pandora in preperation to send a new wave of RDA employees moonside. This meeting is met with half expectations and more anxiety than anything else prievously. Jia Hawthorne is a newly appointed and temporary administrator of Hell's Gate when Dr. Catherine Harrison steps down in an effort to take a break from all the mess that has happened over the months.

The Interstellar CrisisEdit