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The Inter-System Laser Telecommunication (also called ILT or Star Communication) is a form of communication developed specifically for sending data along a set of deployed satellites to and from planets. First developed in the mid-21st Century, the ILT was created to send information and keep contact that was faster than the normal usage of radio. When humans began colonizing Mars, the ILT was extensively used for sending information and keeping contact with several commands back on Earth.

When the RDA had colonized Pandora with Hell's Gate, the ILT was greatly used for sending information to Earth twice the speed than having to wait for sending information with the ISV. The ILT helped the science community with information surrounding Pandora and the alien inhabitans - the Na'vi.


During the early years of space exploration, communication was vital between astronauts and the command that directed missions in space. Radio was the first form of communication that was used. When Humanity began to colonize the moon, it was important to keep instant contact between the colonists and the Earth.

AT&T was contracted to develop a system in which the private industries and families could instantly speak with the colonists on the Moon. Knowing what to use, laser technology was becoming prime in sending data with the help and aid of fiber optics.

The first developed system was called Space.Net and was established specifically for communication between the Moon and Earth.

When Mars was a target for exploration and colonization, Space.Net was used for instant communication between the first astronauts aboard the Pegasus during their eight month flight.

After AT&T suffered major setbacks and eventual bankruptcy, the technology was eventually bought out by the RDA who at the time had many major industries on the Moon and Mars. The technology was further modified to carry even more data as well as terabytes of images and video. The name was also changed to Inter-System Laser Telecommunications.

22nd Century[]

By the 2130's, the RDA had established a colony on the alien world of Pandora. The use of ILT was used to great effect in keeping contact with Earth. Even though it took four year's for information to be sent and another four for the information to be shot back to Pandora - Hell's Gate colonists believed it was the only line of communication with Earth.

ILT was also used in the aid of the creation of the Avatar's. Knowing that bio-samples would take far too long to reach Earth, scientists on Pandora instead used the ILT in sending the NVT genetic code to Earth for it to be decoded.

ILT also helped in sending Avatar blue prints to Pandora for the first creation of Avatar's on the moon.