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The Interstellar Carrier (also known as the ISC) is a modified version of the Interstellar Vehicle which are the primary transport vehicle in sending humans to Pandora. The ISC's intended purpose is shipping more personnel and supplies than the ISV. Only one was created from the third ISV in the fleet. The RDA took this third ISV and removed unnessecary parts before adding in more storage compartments and cryo-tubes for the travel.

The reason behind modifying the third ISV in the fleet was due to an incident upon its return to Earth. Having suffered damages due to micrometeorites and the cost of repairs being expensive. The RDA took this opportunity to modified it to become more of a transport carrier of supplies and personnel.

The first completed retrofitted ISC was the Spirit of Nevada. She first saw her maiden voyage on January 22nd, 2153. With a personnel count of 300 RDA employee's and a staggering amount of equipment, supplies, and blueprints. She set out to Pandora, approximately arriving to Pandora in early 2158. Nearly five years since ISV Venture Star had arrived to Pandora.

Currently, ISC Spirit of Nevada is on her way back to Earth.


  • The name Spirit of Nevada is a nod to thematic elements that are seen in most of James Cameron's films. Nevada was used for testing thermal nuclear weapons, the very same kind of weapons that are something of a plot device in several of Cameron's films. Not including Avatar.