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Interstellar Vehicle
ISV 3D Model
Name Interstellar Vehicle
Origin Earth
Designer RDA
Manufacturer Consortium of Aerospace Contractors
Length 1,646 m
Width 330 m
Height 218.5 m
Crew 3 teams of 5 on-duty crew plus 10 medical personnel in cryosleep
Weapons None
Max Speed 130,200 mi/s (209,537 km/s) (0.7c)
Equipment 2 Valkyries
Propulsion System 2 Hybrid Deuterium Fusion/Matter-Antimatter engines, 1 Photon Sail, 1 Fusion Planetary Maneuvering Engine
Cargo 200 Passengers, Animo tanks and their Avatars, Blueprints, Micro-miniaturized processors and circuitry components that cannot be manufactured on-site, Medicines that cannot be manufactured on site, Unobtanium, small, low-mass Na'vi artifacts, data concerning the chemical structure and makeup of useful Pandoran compounds and substances (On the return to Earth)

The Interstellar Vehicle (also known as an ISV) is one of humanity's interstellar spaceships that is part of a looping supply chain for the transport of supplies, equipment, personnel, refined ore, and data between planet Earth and the distant moon Pandora. It never lands on Pandora's surface, since it is designed to operate in deep space. If an ISV ever attempted atmospheric entry, it would break apart and burn up because of atmospheric friction and high gravitational forces. Instead, it sends smaller shuttle-like vessels, called Valkyries, to land on the moon's surface. The Venture Star arrives at Pandora after more than five Earth years in transit; the hundred-plus humans on board -- apart from the four man flight crew -- are in cryosleep for the entirety of the trip.

The ISV Venture Star is just one of ten spaceships that the RDA utilizes for interstellar trade between Earth and Pandora. Interstellar starships such as the ISV Venture Star require unobtanium in their manufacture, due to unobtanium's role in providing containment for antimatter-matter reactions.

The Fleet[]

  • ISV Altair Borealis — Destroyed
  • ISV Roanoke
  • ISV Venture Star
  • ISV Daedelus (formerly)
    • ISC Spirit of Neveda
  • ISV Nova Borealis
  • ISV Prometheus
  • ISV Icarus
  • ISV Phoenix
  • ISV Gungnir
  • ISV Osiris