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"Ma’am, I hope I’m not late"
―Jia apologizing to Dr. Catherine Harrison
Jia Hawthorne
Biographical Information
Name: Jia Therese Hawthorne
Born: 2129
Nationality: United States of America
Family Members:
  • Sophia Hawthorne (Mother)
  • Martin Hawthorne (Father)
  • Wes Hawthorne (Brother)
Physical Description
  • Human
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
  • Staff Sergeant of SecOps
  • Substitute Administrator of Hell's Gate (formerly)
  • Na'vi
  • Humans
    • RDA
Behind The Scenes
Portrayed By: Serinda Swan

Jia Hawthorne is an employed security officer for SecOps to which is a branch of the Resources Development Administration. At twenty-three, the young woman has safely secured herself amongst the history of Hell's Gate as serving both security and a temporary head-administrator of the human colony on Pandora. Ultimately though, she has suffered a severe injury in the past with her confrontation with the Na'vi that nearly killed her. More recently, Jia is proving to be a vital component for the Catherine Administration of Hell's Gate, utilizing her talents and skills and keeping much of the colony safe and secured.

Her brother, Wes Hawthorne is also with her on Pandora, having arrived only recently in 2158. Wes is a driver for the Avatar Program.


Early Life[]

Jia was born on Earth in a small town in the American Midwest. Her parents split up when she was eight and her older brother Wes was eleven. Her father was a physics professor, and though they loved and respected each other, they always seemed to be at a 30 degree angle to each other on everything from political viewpoints to personal beliefs. Since gradeschool Jia constantly butted heads with her mother, who was a nice woman but emotionally insecure, and Jia had a hard time facing up to her guilt trips and passive-aggressive manipulation. Wes was Jia’s closest friend and confidant. After he moved on to college, she still hung out in his apartment most evenings out of the week.

Her mother became addicted to pain medication and anti-depressants while Jia was a sophomore in high school, and the frustrated teenager started spending as much time away from home as she could after that, working out at the gym, taking karate lessons, bike riding, clubbing—anywhere she could be physically active and within her own head-space. Shortly after Jia graduated, Wes was accepted into a prestigious fast-track course on xenobiology, a prerequisite for early acceptance into RDA’s Avatar program. This got Jia thinking…

Her decision to apply for SecOps basic training caused a final rift to form between her and her mother. With her home life irreparably broken and nothing else to distract her from the pain of those memories, Jia dedicated herself fully to training and completed the requirements needed to apply for a mission to Pandora almost a year ahead of schedule, with specialties in light firearms and close combat. Before departing Earth on the Spirit of Nevada, she tearfully joked with Wes that she would clear the way for his eventual arrival on Pandora as an Avatar driver.


As a greenhorn among the SecOps ranks, Jia at first found herself only minimally affected by the complications caused by the Na’vi peace accords. Her superiors found her plenty of menial tasks typically reserved for someone of her rank, like graveyard shift guard duty or weapon maintenance detail. Fulfilled at having a clear path to follow for the first time in her life, Jia took these jobs in stride without complaint while keeping up with her on-site training. A few months into her tour at Hell’s Gate, she discovered an aptitude for repair work, particularly on the heavy vehicles, and carved a niche for herself as a short-order mechanic. She would have been perfectly content if such a life could have continued for longer, but in time, all things change…

With tensions rising between the Na’vi and RDA forces, it wasn’t long before the fallout started spilling over to the lowly grunts like Jia. She began to see less time in the repair bay and more patrol tours, without explanation. Crash courses in weaponry she wasn’t schedule to train with yet became normal. The atmosphere among the troops became charged, almost nervous, and without anything else to distract her from it, once again Jia turned to honing her skills. Such dedication put her under one of the unit commander’s attention. Ultimately, she would find herself standing in the room as Gavin Archer, the RDA administrator, faced off with the Na’vi over who would control the rights to the Malbourne vaccine.

Her first taste of real combat was very nearly her last, as toxin-coated Na’vi arrows pierced her stomach and left shoulder before she had a chance to fire her weapon. She heard later from the medics that she was flatlined on the table for six to seven minutes before they managed to restart her heart; the siege of Hell’s Gate concluded while she was still in a coma.

The time since then has been one of confusion and catching up. Jia stood in that room, listening to Gavin Archer argue that the Na’vi would effectively have to concede their rightful place on this planet if they didn’t want to die of the virus already ravaging their population. At the same time, she harbors no ill will against her SecOps comrades who fought back, who weren’t in that room and didn’t hear what she did, who almost went to war far her and others like her who fell to the Na’vi. It’s a tough situation to be in, needing to examine one’s priorities, and if such a conflict happens again, she’s unsure about whose side she would be on.

Present Times[]

With a tonal shift in politics amongst the lone human colony on Pandora, Jia was immediately thrusted for security detail with the newly appointed administrator; Dr. Harrison. She soon finds herself quickly scaling up the ranks as a right-hand man to Dr. Harrison with much delegation and security detail inprinted in much of her newer objectives. Quite recently, she helped stave off a fire within the confines of a building inside Hell's Gate. After which she was immediately posted detail in providing security with her own team at a newly constructed mining site during the Icarus Contingency situation.

After nearly dying from stellar radiation, Jia was then appointed as a substitute administrator for Hell's Gate, citing that Dr. Harrison was under much pressure to which the doctor felt Jia quite able in handling the political nature as a administrator of Hell's Gate.

Upon welcoming the newly arrived fleet, she was met with resistance by a middle-age business man claiming to oversee a new RDA venture and to ensure that the colony was still doing what it needed to be done. She also met her brother, Wes Hawthorne, who himself grew quickly attached with the moon as well as his colleagues of the program.


Few words could describe such an individual as Jia Hawthorne, with many in her own line of work regarding the woman as having 'brass balls' for facing some of the more difficult decisions of her time on Pandora. None the less, retaining much of her humanity unlike the prievous few generations of SecOps soldiers. At any given moment, no one seems quite sure of what to make of Jia, which is how she prefers it. She is smart without being brainy, values common sense and experience over book-learning, and more practical-minded than most young women her age. She respects authority but has a hard time trusting people on a personal level. A physically active introvert and closet adrenaline junkie, her emotional barriers are well fortified by dry sarcasm and black humor.


  • Jia Hawthorne is portrayed by Serinda Swan, an actress who also played on Breakout Kings, which starred Laz Alonso; the actor who portrayed Tsu'tey.
  • Jia Hawthorne is a spiritual creation of another character by the same creator, named Sam. Bearing much of the character's traits and qualities, one can see both characters as being the same.