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Biographical Information
Name: Kirr'ash
Birth Clan: Xaxios'h
Foster Clan: Tipani
Family Members:
  • X'taya (Foster Daughter)
  • Re'za (Birth Father)
  • Nahina (Birth Mother)
Significant Other:
  • Jasum "Allaysia" Hitinya (Mate)
Physical Description
Species: Na'vi
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
  • Hunter
  • Scout
  • Na'vi
  • Tipani
Behind The Scenes
Portrayed By: Richard Armitage

Kirr'ash (born 2131 or 2132) is a hunter of the Tipani clan.

Kirr'ash is possibly unique among na'vi due to an extremely rare genetic, neurological condition; a dysfunction of tsaheylu that makes him completely unable to commune with Eywa, that among other issues renders his queue stunted in length.

He lives a life without the spiritual connection to the world around him, and this has shaped much of the na'vi's psyche, as well as given him a view of the world that on many points differe drastically with that of the rest of the People.

Due to his condition Kirr'ash has not passed his Iknimaya rite, nor did the Uni'talron reveal his spirit animal. His completetion of the taronyu training was something awarded more out of practicality; being a near natural hunter it made little sense for his foster tribe to refuse his skills when he had already proven to be a capable hunter in his own right.


"Hate? If only you sawtute were worth the trouble hating!"

Free-spirited, maverick, and fiercely independent he gets restless if he remains idle for too long. Kirr’ash on the surface comes off as a generally carefree person with an overlying aura of casual indifference but coupled with an uncharacteristically stoic demeanour, despite his hard shell he does have a soft indeed even caring side; this is especially visible in to the compassion he holds for wildlife, and the wilderness. However it's rare he lets anyone see these softer sides of him, it's as if he's deliberately giving himself off to be anti-social, and distant but in reality all of it is just a shield to keep people at a distance, all to avoid the feeling of loss.

But overall he’s a cynical, blunt, snarky, and more than often sarcastic individual who’s not afraid to voice his opinions even it comes off as potentially hurtful or even downright offensive to an opposing party he has little regard for authority, much less to follow orders even if he can on occasions act surprisingly respectful enough to those he deem has deserved it, in most cases however it's mostly something given because he must, like in the case of the leaders of his adoptive tribe though he does not feel beholden to any of them. He's felt any sense of belonging or kinship with them.

Kirr'ash on a personal level can be considered morally ambiguous at best, keeping loyalties as long as it’s personally beneficial for him. The only break in this rule is his exceptional loyality to those people that have managed earned this hunter’s hard-to-gain trust, but break the trust earned and you’ll never regain it. Kirr’ash harbours an inherently suspicious personality and it takes a long time before he truly trusts strangers, especially sawtute and dreamwalkers, if he comes to give them any trust at all; some would say his suspicions are unfounded but, he has some right to be cautious in a world were words now may say one thing but mean another.

The young hunter favours and values the virtues of the self: self-awareness, self-reliance and self-confidence, often tying philosophical contemplation into his personal ideas about the spiritual workings of the world. But it more specifically deals what it means to be a hunter, and the fine line to balance in order not to turn down the path of butcher. He has a moral ambiguity deeply rooted in his own philosophy, a belief that if you’re weak, you die; if you don’t fight you’ll die and in the end nature(Eywa) will be your final judge.

It is an absolutists philosophy that often times makes him come of as cruel or lacking compassion; in the vein that he'd resort to killing a wounded animal, rather than attempting to heal it, which in his mind would only prolong its suffering by keeping it alive. However for one that values self-reliance his condition often makes him dependent on others, this makes his condition something of a source of shame for him.

Even if he comes off as anti-social, socially awkward, and quite distant a majority of the time and sometimes goes out of his way to be rude, particularly to sawtute, he is in reality acting on the consequence of his past; specifically in his dealings with sawtute, which has been less than cordial. Deep down below the unpleasant, stoic aura, hides a much more friendly, frivolous, carefree, and even playful side; like his affinity for pranks, storytelling, and generally just the full-out enjoyment of life regardless of barriers physical and mental, rather different for one whom on the surface comes off as a hardend, nearly emotionless stoic.


Tsaheylu dysfunction: Suffers from a possibly unique congenital, neurological disorder: He is unable to form the mental link(bond) with the fauna and flora of Pandora, which also includes other na’vi. Any attempt to do so results in a cripplingly painful, migraine-like headache that last for several hours, and even if he should manage to defy the intense pain and keep the connection he won’t feel, or hear anything. This disability is more than simply an annoyance, he’s is completely unable to do things integral to na’vi both on a personal level, but also spiritual, as well as social.

This condition is potentially fatal, the crippling migraine that normally follows any use of tsaheylu are however not exclusive these migraine symptoms can also strike seemingly at random, characterized by nausea and disoritentation at times resulting in a complete loss of conciousness.

During attempted tsaheylu however these symptomes are a mere warning, any sustained connection will cause the victim's central nervous system to gradually shutdown. Starting with a loss of conciousness but if the bond is maintained for more than five mintues after the victim has blacked out it will rapidly escalate usually in order; starting with respiratory failure along with cardiac arrest, which is followed by coma as the brain is slowly deprived of air, by this point any successful resusitation attempt would requier the use of advanced medical technology. The victim can be stuck in a comatosed state for days while the brain slowly suffocates, eventually death inevitably follows.


Lanky, that’s the first thing people usually notice about Kirr’ash, he’s not anorectic but he could certainly do putting on at least a pound or two. This slim, slightly bony appearance makes him come off as quite frail, coupled with his fair skin complexion; which holds a blue hue but with a grey tint to it, and dark circles around his golden-amber eyes enforce the almost sickly look he bears. He’s also rather short, or at least his height is a noticeable feature, and unfortunately is among other things, often a cause of friendly ridicule among his fellow tribal’s, he wears his stature with an almost comical pride; he’s at least a half-a-head shorter than the average male na’vi, roughly the same height as a typical female, so he's not the imposing stature one would expect from a male.

Despite looking na'vi in any overall aspect, he carries some traits that put him appart from the rest of the People. Beyond from his short stature, other more subtle physical features to grace his visage are the slightly longer fangs roughly by an inch, along with a lack of overall body stripes and fewer bioluminescent spots; both markings are confined almost exclusively to his face, throat and shoulders, the stripes also cover his biceps and trail down the spine.

Overall he bears the signs of a harsh existence, as he spends most of time fending for him-self in fact he practically lives along the borders of his clan's territory something he has chosen himself. However regardless of lifestyle it’s plainly evident that this na’vi isn’t as healthy as he should or could’ve been yet any obvious sign of what actually ails him, or if he is indeed sick at all is very difficult to determine, there is just something out of place with him. His messy mane of hair and unkempt, unusually short queue is another feature that adds up to his otherwise miserable looking state. Despite looking sickly and malnourished, he has retained the handsome features of his youth even if his visage is crisscrossed in minor scars that make him look at least 5 to as much as 10 years older than he is.

His apperal is weather worn, and plain, bearing various shades of earth tones; a hooded tattered mantle obscures his shoulders and hides the lower protion of his neck. The loincloth, though looks more like it's crossed with a skirt, the edges reaching his knees is equally tattered tied to his waist using a band of leather wrapped around several times. The hunter wears no jewelry or adornments of any kind, the bracers protecting his forarms from the recoil of rapid bowfire, as well the leather quiver tied to his waist can be the only things closely considered adornments worn by this male, but rather; they are more practical tools than anything else.



Current Events[]

Despite it having been years since this first war many of the following problems, brief peace periods, his newfound duties as a fosterfather for X'taya; Tzi'sha's orphaned daughter, and skirmishes with the RDA; like the Siege of Hell’s Gate, has done much to keep Kirr’ash occupied although he rarely sees any actual full-out conflict; given to his immobility connected to him lacking any sort of mount for fast transport, be it an ikran or pa’li, when he does see any sort of conflict he mostly takes the role reconnaissance.

One should imagine that half a decade would be enough to chance a man, as most people with time get over loss with ease; but with Kirr’ash it has stuck he’s still holding a grudge against the RDA, and sawtute in general for his losses; those he cares for to the Malborne disease, and his only true friend at the hands of their weapons and ignorance. Even though his stance on the RDA have not changed, recent events are making the na'vi reevaluate his judgement of humans, slowly starting reconize that not all of them are the cruel, vindictive, and destructive demons.

Love can change a man in the most fundamental of ways.