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A Longbow is considered amongst many Na'vi to be a highly skilled weapon, typically most Na'vi do not utilize except for a few specialized warriors and hunters. Unlike it's human counterpart, the longbow for the Na'vi is intended for long range engangements with special materials paid much attention to the string itself. Since a longbow is hardly the equipment of hunting, it is used primarily for warfare, in this case serving as a long-range weapon. Curiously, the longbow are not made from the bark of a Na'vi Hometree but that of a Mountain Tree, since it is considered that the bark of a Mountain Tree allows the amount of stress to be pulled on with much of the pressure formulating at the center axis of the bow.

The arrow types for a longbow are also created specifically for the longbow. One kind of arrow has an arrowhead of a four-cornered star which is intended to allow both air to pass through the arrowhead and fletches, keeping the arrow stabilized during it's flight. If aimed up high and fired, the arrow immediately becomes a artillery-like weapon in which the arrow will come sinking back down to the earth and striking any opponent with the arrow known to go clean through the body.

Operators of the longbow however go through a different kind of training that takes somewhere between five to eight months with much emphasis placed on tactics. At the length of nearly 3.2 meters, it is considered by most to be the longest weapon in the Na'vi arsenal.

Known human counter-tactics to evade the longbow is still being researched. This is primarily due to the fact that longbow users are never seen in sight, making it the perfect weapon for guriella warfare tactics to be employed by the Na'vi.