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Lorne Durán
Biographical Information
Name: Lorne Zaldívar Durán
Born: November 3rd, 2119
Nationality: United States of America
Physical Description
  • Human
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
  • Journalist
  • Humans
    • RDA

Lorne Durán (born November 3, 2119) is a journalist for the National Geographic Society and will be among the very few journalist allowed on Pandora through a partnership with the RDA.

Since the founding of Hell's Gate on Pandora decades ago, only one journalist was allowed. Footage filmed on Pandora has been widely circulated for many years back on Earth. Feeling it is time to renew the good relationship between the public and the RDA itself, it has chosen to allow another documentary team back to Pandora.

Only a select few were chosen from a pool of highly respectable journalists. One of whom was Lorne Durán.

Early History[]

What early history is known of Lorne has become less important as time went on. Most of his history is surrounded by the career as a journalist. Starting in his early 20s, he got his first gig by using his own money to travel around different parts of the world to record events that were taking place. He wrote editorials as a freelancer and ultimately was picked up by a magazine that dealt with popular news.

Soon he became interested in filmmaking, paritcularly that of making documentaries to record what was happening during that time for everyone see and witness for themselves. A new specialized filmmaking allowed for holographic 3D images to be displayed within a room, allowing audience members to see and look around for themselves of the environment the documentary took place in.

This was nothing revolutionary in the world of documentaries. But it help and aided Lorne in creating a world that was not fictional nor caked with mainstream media ooz. Instead, such venues catapulted Lorne as a man who allowed people to live and breathe a world away from them.

It wasn't long when the RDA realized the value in capitalizing Pandora. Soon after the establishment of the colony on the alien world four light years away from Earth, the corporation were sending scores of teams to document and photograph the rich environment that the Earth poorly lacked.

However, when the goal of mining unobtanium became a priority mission over research of Pandora, the RDA had ceased their media arm. Using footage that were now decades old, the RDA still show reels of hours upon hours of footage of Pandora. None of which show a single depicition of the Na'vi aside from still holographic photographs captured by Dr. Grace Augustine herself.

In the years following, the RDA had been dished with disturbing allegations of their actions on Pandora that were diluted as criminal. In an effort to push that what they were doing was for Humanity. This lead to a global-wide calling for potential journalists to be sent to Pandora. The listing eventually fell on Lorne who at the time was still documenting the war in the Baltics as a correspondent to the National Geographic Society.

Unbeknownst to Lorne, he was sent a letter from the RDA that asked and requested his services. Originally refusing as he felt it was more important to ducment and showcase the current problems of Earth for the people to see, he was then pushed by his fellow colleagues and family to go to Pandora.

Skeptical that it was anything but a peaceful orginization, Lorne felt the RDA only needed him to be their propaganda machine.

It would not be so. As one CFO enjoyed pointing out to him. They would pay him handsomely and National Geographic would keep all rights for the footage filmed on Pandora. They only requested that they look over the reel to ensure no trade secrets would be revealed.

Finding an opportunity to film something important, Lorne was still hesitant. Fearing specifically of the aliens of the moon. Since those who did in fact return to Pandora had labeled the blue aliens as savages of the highest degree. But in the back of his mind, the Na'vi had a story to tell as well. If he could reveal something that most could not find within the natives, then it was up to him to uncover the truth -- savages or not.

It would be in the year when Jake revolted against the lone human colony on Pandora that Lorne slipped into the metallic coffin's built alongside the hull of the intergalactic vessel that he would not wake until nearly six years later.

Along with him were multitude of filming equipment and gear. But he is not alone on this journey. Coming with him was a woman of the age of 33, her hair was black as sackcloth and her lips small yet wide to vocalize her opinion on any situation to Lorne. An assistant to the documentarian for the past seven years, Tricia Hachor is a veteran who saw many wars and followed directly behind Lorne with a 3D camera.

This time, the woman of mix heritage ranging from Korean to Canadian, would be finding herself next to Lorne as she filmed their twenty-part series of Pandora. Lorne believed this would herald a new opinion of Pandora as well as the Na'vi (hopefully) and as well as the RDA's role on the alien moon.


Sparked with enthusiasm to film the most vibrant and critically realistic universe that humans inhabit, Lorne is always finding new ways to re-invent himself as a filmmaker and more importantly a journalist who is eager to find stories that cause conversations that normally would not have.

But beneath the skin of a journalist lies within a man who is a dare devil in his own right. Having once ventured into the field of battle to capture the now widely published 'The Battle of Badlands', Lorne finds no bounds that he over steps and will do just about anything and everything to get what he wants the most. Much like a child who must seek a new toy to play with, Lorne is very much in the same palette as that.

Some would find this a little short of annoyance while many more can find Lorne to be a begrudging envious individual who will move mountains to get what the story required. Despite the numerous flaws that pockmark Lorne's personality, he also shares a trait that not many would see. Quiet in spirit and reflective in his work, he finds the most solace within the job that he does. He remarks that if no one is willing to share the story of Humanity to Humans, then it is a legitament crime and ultimately will ruin Humans for not knowing their own species as a whole. What they have accomplished and what they have demolished in their short span of history.

This could be suggested that Lorne is a workaholic and they would be right, but ever since the incident during the invasion of Venezuela, Lorne is reluctant to bring up any stories of his that have ultimately left an unholy mark on him.

In spite of what could be said about Lorne. He is a man that RDA had ultimately have chosen to direct a new program for all to see about Pandora. Whether he is the right man is up to the judgement of the inhabitants of both Hell's Gate and the rest of the land of the new strange alien world.