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IBSF Protection Solutions M-60 General-Purpose Machine Gun

The M60 is a general-purpose machine gun, was diseigned and is produced by the german arms manufacturer IBSF Protection Solutions, in Stuttgart, Germany. The M60 is used by many countries all around the globe, as well as by the RDA on Pandora.

Full name: M-60
Type: General-perpose machine gun
Place of origin: Germany
Produced by: IBSF Protection Solutions
Calibre: 7.62 x 51 NATO
Length: -
Weight -


The IBSF protection Solutions M-60 general purpose machine gun was based on the earlier M60 machine gun, that was designed by General Dynamics in the mid-20th centry. In 2120 the german weapon manufacturer IBSF Protection Solutions desided to modernize the out-dated design. The goal was to make it more versatile, lightwe

M-60 ammo belt

ight and compact. The M-60's stock has been replaced with a polymer thumbhole stock for better comfort, and a tactical rail was added on the top partion of the foregrip, which allows the user to add attachments such as a optic sight.

just like it's erlier versions, tThe M-60 fires the 7.62 x 51 mm NATO round. The M-60 machine gun uses 100 round drum magazines, thanks to which the weapon can be operated by one person, however, the m-60 can also take ammunition belts, just like it's predisessor. .

Operating and firing the M-60[]

The M-60 fires from an open bolt, meaning that when ready to fire, the bolt and working parts are held to the rear. When the trigger is pulled the bolt goes forward, feeding a round from the magazine into the chamber and firing it. The loading process of the machine gun is acopmlished with the top cover down and bolt in the forward position, the user then places the magazine or ammo belt over the belt holding hole. the chargine handle is then pulled to the rear fully loading the weapon. the user then pushes the charging handle forward, and the firearm is ready to fire. the M-60 is a fully automatic weapon, meaning that the weapon will continue firing untill the user either lets go of the trigger or the magazine is egzosted. After the weapon fires the last round, the bolt is in the closed position. Before reloading, the user raises the top cover and removes the magazine,after which he pulls the charging handle to the rear, then the user closes the cover and allows the bolt to go forward, he then reloads.

The M-60 in the service of the SecOps[]

The M-60 is used by theSecOps on Pandora, mainly as a on-board weapon on the SA-2 Samson and Valkyrie. However, the M-60 is also used by the RDA Avatar Program, and is the standard issue for avatars, since they use the M-60 as an assault rifle. That's due to the fact that the standard issue GS-221 rifle variants don't fit the 10 feet tall avatars. The RDA redesigned the M-60 for the Avatar Program and poduced under license. The redesigned M-60 was designated as the AVR-M30.