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Creature Information
Na'vi Name: Rì'ikran
Origin: Pandora
Taxonomy: Lepidoptera noctis
Feeding Ecoloy: Fruits and nector
Biological Interaction: Pollinator
Skin Color: Black with small reflecting purple stripes
Length: 4 inches
Predatorial Information
Survival Method(s): Are in swarms and normally take the shape of a Banshee
Possible Threat: None

Moonwraiths are large-sized insects that fly in swarms all over Pandora. They can normally be found hovering around plants where fruits are matured and seed-bearing. As pollinating insects, they can also be found suckling on sweet-nector of a pitcher plant by going inside of the plant and eating.

With a body size of 4 inches in length, a single Moonwraith has proven itself to be the more larger of insects found on Pandora. In comparison to their smaller cousins that can be seen during the night flying around both natural and artificial lights.

If provoked, the swarm of Moonwraiths will come together in a tightly weaved pattern that is familiar in shape to a predatorial creature. Most times, a Moonwraith can be seen taking shape of a Banshee.

Relationship with Na'vi[]

Na'vi banshee riders are known to clip the wings of the moonwraiths to be used for their head gear, allowing the wings to shield their eyes from high velocity winds or rain.