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Moritz Winkler
Biographical Information
Name: Moritz Manuel Winkler
Born: N/A (33 Years Old)
Nationality: Austria
Physical Description
  • Human
  • Avatar
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
  • Sociologist
  • Avatar Driver
  • Humans
    • RDA
Behind The Scenes
Portrayed By: Christoph Waltz


Moritz was born in Austria and spent most of his life there. His early days were quite shielded as his strictly religious parents sent him to a Catholic private school, but with age he learned about those less fortunate than him. He saw all the violence and problems in the world with a combination of fascination and disgust, and found that the best way for himself to live with all the injustice was to try to understand it.

Educational life[]

Moritz studied Sociology and Political Science at the University of Vienna, soon making a name for himself in peace and conflict studies and social stratification. Being one of the leading experts in Austria, he was made famous (infamous?) in the behaviorist science community for his ideas of a ”reversed” avatar program for the Na'vi. Due to his knowledge the RDA offered him the opportunity to study Pandora, but not the way he wanted. The reverse avatar program was interesting and gave some positive scientific publicity for the RDA but would never leave the conceptual stage. Instead Moritz was offered a job under the regular Avatar program. Reluctantly he accepted – he would not have learned to speak Na'vi for nothing!

The Avatar program[]

Moritz role at Hell's Gate is to support RDA personnel by sharing experiences and understanding their situation in and outside of the field. By doing so he would be a better counsellor as avatar drivers risk social alienation from the human world as well as handling various stress syndromes. He also acts as a safe contact with confidentiality.