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"I would be careful going into the Akat Mountains, thanators enjoy roaming around there."
―Major Gideon Starkweather advising a group of drivers.
Mountain Tree
Flora Information
Na'vi Name: N/A
Origin: Pandora
Use(s): Natural flora; occasionally used by hunting or scouting parties to take refuge in
Average Height: 150 meters or more

Mountain Trees are trees similiar to that of Hometree's. The difference being that they are not used by Na'vi to establish a home or a tribe for living space. Instead, these trees exist outside of isolated Hometrees. Mountain Trees can normally be found in rows living alongside other Mountain Trees. However rarely are they grouped as few are.

One such geological sight to see a true grouping of Mountain Trees is that of the Akat Mountains.

Thanator's can be normally found across the jungle environment of Pandora, but most appear to reside well around Mountain Trees. As such, Jake Sully appeared to have encountered one during a scientific excursion in which a team of drivers have landed within the Akat Mountains.