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"The heartbeat of Eywa can be felt through the rhythm of music"
Ninat portrait
Biographical Information
Name: Ninat
Birth Clan: Omaticaya
Family Members:
  • Ta'zi (Mate)
  • Kausiwa (Mother)
  • T'ngal (Father)†
  • Ali'imalu (Brother)†
  • Ki'yitìreku (Mother-in-Law)†
  • Rulaw (Father-in-Law)
  • Nyiaka (Sister-in-Law)
Physical Description
Species: Na'vi
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Title(s): Singer
  • Na'vi
    • Omaticaya


Ninat's childhood was a happy one. She was born into the Blue Flute clan as the second child of Kausiwa and T'ngal, a weaver and a hunter, respectively. She played with the other children of the clan, climbing trees and exploring the lush forests. Her older brother, Ali'imalu, followed in their father's footsteps while Ninat would rather help their mother weaving or make little pieces of jewellery with colourful beads, usually singing to herself.

She has always had a passion for singing. As it were, she possesses a truly beautiful singing voice. This is her greatest skill and what defines her among the other Na'vi, with other clans as well as within the Omaticaya. She is regarded as the best singer within her home clan. Pure talent is one thing, but practise makes perfect. And after singing all her life and learning to use her vocal range to the fullest, in daily life as well as in ritualistic song, Ninat is now quite an amazing singer. Her voice has a naturally melodious sound to it, even when she's not singing. And with the Na'vi language being as melodic as it is, to human ears it might sound as if Ninat is constantly singing. Through song she somehow feels closer to Eywa.

Song is an important aspect of the Na'vi culture because of the People's oral tradition, and as a child Ninat loved hearing the First Songs, tales and legends of her clan and of the Na'vi in general. She would sit and listen, eyes wide, at the tales of the older clan members as they recounted their adventures. As she grew up she realized just how important it was to keep the tradition of the songs and storytelling alive and pass it on to future generations. Now, after the destruction of Hometree and the deaths of so many Na'vi in the ensuing conflict with the Sky People and the Malborne Syndrome, perhaps this is more important than ever.

When she was younger Ninat sporadically attended Dr Grace Augustine's now derelict school to learn English. Her parents were distrustful of tawtute, but thought that it might be good to know the enemy (or at least what words mean when they're threatening to kill you) and therefore sent both Ninat and her brother Ali'imalu there to learn the basics in the language of the Sky People. As a result Ninat speaks broken and rather poor English. Neither she nor her brother were present in the school when it was stormed by tawtute soldiers, and she has never visited the place since.

As she was coming of age and it was time for her iknimaya Ninat passed the tests, but when it came to claiming an ikran she was terribly nervous. But she reasoned that if Eywa wanted her to succeed, then so she would. And lo and behold, somehow she did survive and pass the test, escaping with a few scars and bonded with an ikran that she calls Mezizi. For that she's ever grateful to Eywa. According to the tradition, she carved her hunting bow from a branch of the Hometree, and makes sure to practice with it regularly so as not to forget the art of archery. Today she also cherishes the bow as a relic of the old Hometree.

In recreational purposes Ninat enjoys to go swimming in the Pandoran waters or flying on Mezizi's back. The flying is about the only adrenaline rush she needs, otherwise she doesn't mind a peaceful life... after all, these past years on Pandora have been a little too interesting.

The destruction of Hometree is one of the three most terrible memories that Ninat possesses (as of yet). The other memory is when she found out that her father and brother died in the battle against the Sky People, like so many other Na'vi with them. Years later, the inferno of the burning Hometree still haunt her dreams occasionally. She's also become very careful with open flames and meticulous to make sure no fire burns where or when it shouldn't. Because of her youth and inexperience in battle she could not take part in the fighting itself five years ago. Instead she helped the warriors prepare for the upcoming battle, singing old battle songs, and after seeing her father and brother off she stayed behind with her mother and other surviving non-warriors of the Omaticaya clan. After the battle ended she helped the wounded and mourned the losses of her father and brother.

When the hostile humans were forced off Pandora, Ninat wanted to breathe a sigh of relief. The Na'vi needed to recover from the events, especially the Omaticaya that needed to rebuild their home. But then disaster struck again not too long afterwards, this time in the form of the Malborne Syndrome. Her mother Kausiwa was one of the infected, and Ninat had to ask herself, and Eywa, why. Why couldn't the curse of the Sky People finally be lifted for good (for she was convinced that the sawtute must be to blame)? Why was it nestled in the very life of the forest? Had the Na'vi done something to offend Eywa? The disease brought Ninat feelings of insecurity, fear and many questions about what the future would hold, for their home world and for the Na'vi themselves.

During the human occupation of Pandora and the ensuing time of turmoil, her songs were mostly those of laments for the ones who died and sad melodies sung rather silently, sometimes wordless. Except for, of course, when she sang the First Songs to the Na'vi children to make sure that the knowledge of the early days of the People would never be forgotten. Now it has become a habit of hers to sing the First Songs to educate the Na'vi children.

After the siege of Hell's Gate and the introduction of the vaccine which saved Na'vi lives including her mother's, Ninat slowly and tentatively started singing happier songs. Today she sings happy and wholeheartedly again, hoping and praying that there are brighter days ahead, and that from now on the songs of her people will be songs of rejoicing.


At just above 9 feet, Ninat is not the most imposing of Na'vi. She has the typically slender lithe body with slight curves, and a gracefulness that suggests a good coordination. She has let her black hair grow all the way down to the root of her tail, since she doesn't need to worry about it getting in the way during a dangerous hunt or battle; she's neither hunter nor warrior. Her queue is kept neatly braided in, and she usually has a number of smaller braids throughout her otherwise unbraided hair. Both her ears are pierced. There's not much of a contrast between her cyan skin and the slightly darker stripes. She has delicate feet and hands, the latter ones with very long nimble fingers. The little white dots of bioluminescence are scattered over her cheekbones and following the shape of the stripes on her forehead. They also form a vague rounded V-shape over her chest and shoulders, continuing over the shoulder blades and down her spine. On her arms and legs the bioluminescence creates long curved lines on the outside of each limb.

One noticeable feature is the scar that runs diagonally across the right side of her brow (if she had human eyebrows, the scar would cut diagonally through the right one). It's about 2-3 inches long, running down towards the side of her cheek past the cheekbone, only just sparing her eye on its way down. She has two other similar scars, although much bigger, on her right upper arm. All these scarifications have long since healed and the scar tissue is paler than the rest of her skin. They provide a memory of her iknimaya, or rite of passage. As for her age, Na'vi don't usually find it as necessary to count years to the day as humans do, but if they did Ninat would be approximately 21 years old.

Ninat is an aesthete with an eye for beautiful objects. Being fond of jewellery, she likes to decorate her braids with pretty little things like feathers and beads of bone, stone, glass, wood or the like. Ninat's almond-shaped eyes are big and expressive. The irises have a warm amber tint to them. Her soft features are youthful with a small mouth and chin.

A loincloth is usually her only clothing item but she likes creating beadworks, resulting in her belts, necklaces and bracelets all being decorated with beads. When sewn onto cloth or leather the beads form swirling or geometric patterns. She also sometimes wears decorations on her long tail.

Despite not being a warrior, she is always seen wearing an arm band that according to Omaticaya tradition is only worn by warriors; a leather arm band with the claw of a forest ikran. This was a gift from Ta'zi (before he became her mate) to express his appreciation for Ninat's help during a viperwolf attack. She wears this arm band on her right upper arm.

Another piece of jewellery that she is never seen without is an anklet worn around her left ankle. The anklet is made of leather and holds little shimmering shells in blue and yellow. This was a gift from her mate on the night of their mating ritual.


Ninat is a rather emotional creature, soon to laugh and prone to tears. She's easily upset, but it's just as easy to make her happy again. She's also easily moved by a touching story or a beautiful scenery. Being an empathic and caring sort of person she has an innate desire to help others. Before all hell broke loose in the 2150s, Ninat's outlook on life was brighter than it is now. Back then she had only just completed her rite of passage, so she was still rather young, and she could still believe that all people had something good deep in their hearts. However, the tawtute proved her wrong, with few exceptions. They hardly ever brought anything but death and destruction, and she's usually very cautious around them no matter what shape they're in (puny human shape or Dream Walker shape). She would trust the Olo'eyktan Jakesully with her life, but that's because he's not a tawtute any more. Eywa has approved of him and he's one of the People now. Another exception from the “All Tawtute Are Evil”-doctrine is Meredith Sharp; she has helped the Na'vi and showed a sincere desire to learn the ways of the People... although Ninat finds the whole “avatar driving”-thingy to be rather unnatural and freaky. As for other tawtute, Ninat keeps her distance.

Today, her once easygoing and happy-go-lucky attitude has changed. She's become more serious and whatever naivety she might once have had is long since gone. Now she takes nothing for granted, because she knows that it can all be taken away at a moment's notice – just like their old Hometree. Lately things have calmed down a bit since the last disaster and she's found her way back to laughter and happier songs.

Ninat was never meant to be a great warrior. Like most Na'vi she's been taught to wield a bow and arrow with efficiency, but would never be able to stand her ground for long in close combat. She lacks the talent, strength and mentality of the fierce warriors: she isn't comfortable with violence and is too squeamish to kill anyone – or at least she thought so, until the day that the life of her mate, Ta'zi, was threatened by an attacker. Ninat shot an arrow at the attacker, and believes that it killed the unknown Na'vi female. Having another Na'vi's death on her conscience was devastating to her, and she lives with the constant grief and regret. Normally, however, if threatened she'd rather use the speed of her feet to get away. This is a trait that she shares with her Spirit Animal, the yerik (hexapede).

Rather than going on a dangerous hunt she would rather be safely in the Omaticaya territory, singing while practising handicrafts and arts. However, the beauty of Pandora never ceases to touch her heart, and she likes to wander the woods just watching the greenery and singing along with the birds. Or, even better, watch the bioluminescence of the forest at night. Of course, the nocturnal forests are dangerous, and she has had to run for her life on a couple of occasions when she has attracted unwanted attention from predators during her roaming to watch the pretty lights.

Recent events[]

An important event in Ninat's life has been choosing a mate and becoming bonded for life. Her mate is Ta'zi, an Omaticaya warrior.

As of late, Ninat has started venturing out into the lands beyond Omaticaya territory more and more. She has within herself discovered a slumbering desire to explore. She recently battled a dinicthoid, which among the People is considered a sign of courage. She was part of the Na'vi group sent out to explore the abandoned base of Hadrian's Wall.

She has experienced two great traumas recently: The first one was the incident where she mortally wounded another Na'vi. While out on a quest together with some other clan members, the group encountered a scene where a bloodbath had recently taken place. Suddenly Ninat's mate Ta'zi was attacked by an unknown female Na'vi with a blade. Ninat, desperate to protect him, shot an arrow that unfortunately struck the female in the chest. Ninat was devastated. She was happy that her mate was alive, but she has been grief-stricken ever since because as far as she knows, the unknown female Na'vi died of her injuries.

The second trauma was the incident when her mate Ta'zi was seriously wounded. This happened when he tried to save Ninat who had been kidnapped by a group of unknown Na'vi for obscure reasons. Her mate getting wounded and almost killed proved even more devastating to Ninat than the previous incident. While Na'vi healers and human physicians were working on saving Ta'zi's life, Ninat realized that she's expecting her and Ta'zi's first child.