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The Omaticaya Tribe
Tribal Information
Clan Name

Omaticaya (Blue Flute)


Australis, Pandora


435 (Downarrow 349 deaths Uparrow 23 births — Since 2154)


Spiritual & Weaving

The Omaticaya Tribe is a Na'vi clan of the forest. They formerly lived in a Hometree in one of Pandora's massive jungle landscape before it was destroyed by the RDA in 2158.

The Omaticaya people is currently led by Jake Sully (formerly Eytukan and temporarily Tsu'tey) and Mo'at along with the daughter of the tribe, and mate to the Olo'eyktan; Neytiri. They share a deep connection with the forest like most Na'vi clans of Pandora, they are no different from other clans within the region aside from a few differences.

The People of the Omaticaya specialize in weaving as well as creating massive flutes that resemble a alphorn from Earth. When members reach a certain age, they must perform Iknimaya, a rite of passage in which a young Na'vi must climb up into the Hallelujah Mountains to find an ikran. Through tsaheylu, the initiate creates a lifelong bond with it. Once this act is performed, the initiate is accepted by the tribe as one of the People and is allowed to carve a bow from a branch of the Hometree and may also choose a mate.


The history of the Omaticaya dates back more than 10,000 years, an astonishing amount of time in consideration of what little technological advancement has been made within the clan as well as the surrounding tribes of the continent. The old Hometree, a now recently destroyed structure that was once a home to many of the Omaticaya People, was around even longer than the tribe itself.

Early records from what scientists could gather is suggested that the Omaticaya started just as every known clan in the region had begun. Formerly a tribe of nomads, they sought a new home amongst the jungles of Australis. This was proven to be a fatal decision when the neighboring tribe, the Tipani, began a war over land and territory with the Omaticaya.

This created a conflict that was known in song by the Omaticaya as the Great Sorrow. The first of three major conflicts in the history of the Omaticaya.

Notable Members[]

  • Ta'zi
  • Sevin
  • Minyu