The Pandoran Accords is a peace agreement between the RDA and the Na'vi. The Accords were created in 2158 when the ISC Spirit of Neveda arrived, carrying with it a mass of RDA personnel. The agreement was settled between Gavin Archer and the Omaticaya clan leader Jake Sully. This accord kept the RDA from using military force against the Na'vi, as well as the Na'vi using force against the Humans. This allowed peace to grow without the hindrance of war shadowing both groups.


  • The Na'vi ask of the RDA that mining of the old quarry is forbidden, this includes anywhere else on Pandora. This is due to the religious belief that the Na'vi hold as well as the respect for the lands they cherish.
  • The RDA are prohibited from using massive land vehicles outside the wire. Smaller land vehicles are allowed. Aerial vehicles are allowed, but military recon sorties are not. Scientific or exploration sorties are allowed.
  • The RDA are not allowed to attack the Na'vi as well as the Na'vi having no permission to attack the RDA as long as peace remains.
  • The RDA are allowed to defend themselves from aggressive animal behavior, as long as it is in self-defense.
  • The RDA are not allowed to build more outposts beyond the wire.