Avatar: Initium Wiki
Biographical Information
Name: Peyral
Family Members:
  • Nav'a (Mother)†
  • Oteo (Father)
Physical Description
  • Na'vi
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
  • Hunter
  • Na'vi
    • Omaticaya

Peyral is an exceptionally skilled hunter of the Omaticaya clan. Not much is known of her from the movie of Avatar besides her noteworthy talents in the hunt. She is recognized by important Na'vi such as Neytiri and she also survived the fall of their Hometree due to the attack by the RDA which instigated the beginning of the Battle of Pandora.


Peyral was raised by her family and trained to be taronyu for years before claiming her own banshee and completing her rites as a fully fledged adult of the Omaticaya Clan. Her dedication to the ways of the hunter has paid off and earned her recognition amongst her peers; many hunting parties desire her skills when it comes to the hunt.

She was one of the members of the scouting party that captured Jake Sully when he was being brought to their Hometree and with Neytiri brought him forth to the clan within the meeting grounds. From that moment on she watched as her friend taught Jake how to become One of the People. Peyral managed to survive the destruction of the Hometree, although many of her friends and some of family (such as her mother) did not, and remained vigilant as Neytiri's companion during their moments of grief for their people at the Tree of Souls, as well as the emotions of betrayal. When Jakesully appeared as Toruk Makto however, Peyral saw this as the moment where all would have to be made right. He gathered the Omaticaya and the other clans for war against the Sky People and she participated partially in the conflict. Her ikran was wounded in one of its wings near the end of the battle but managed to land successfully and not become another casualty. Thankfully the Na'vi won and, with others at Hell's Gate to see the humans escorted back to Earth, retreated back into the forests with her people to repair what had been lost.

The Melborne Crisis was a confusing and conflicting moment for Peyral in that she felt all she could do was offer a supportive hand by her clan leaders' side to do anything and all they wished for her to do, which unfortunately was not much. The illness affected their lives in a way that made any sense of normalcy seem lost to her; she was very close to losing hope for the People to ever recuperate from the humans' lack of Seeing. However the humans at Hell's Gate managed to formulate a cure, but not without a catch. Peyral was a witness to the failed negotiations and saw to the rapid deterioration of relations between the Na'vi and the Sky People. They came to blows once more which culminated in the attack against Hell's Gate, another conflict Peyral contributed in, and the cure was given to all with the fall of Gavin Archer.

Since then she has kept to the forests to complete her duties to her clan and doing her best to live out a normal existence, hopefully for the remainder of her life. She believes she has seen enough of the Sky People and like many could do without dealing with them for the rest of her days.

Current Events[]

Peyral is busy in the hunt to keep her clan well fed and sustained. She is currently not involved in any clan politics or interests, preferring to keeping to her role as hunter more than anything else.


A tall, intimidating figure, Peyral is a muscled and highly skilled hunter of the Omaticaya clan. She is lithe and graceful like many of her kin trained in the ways of the taronyu and is always dressed in a manner fitting for her trade and rank.

Her most noticeable features is the sternness of her face, high forehead and sharp eyes. Peyral has a collection of necklaces around her neck, leather belts and a loincloth decorated with some modest bead work. She has few scars. Everything else about her is typical Na'vi.


Peyral is a very serious sort of woman and takes her role as being one of the highly skilled Omaticaya hunters with great responsibility. She is a determined, fierce individual in all that she does to ensure that her clan and family stays prosperous, cared for and kept safe. She is not without kindness however, and is open-hearted to the desires, wishes and opinions of others but is very independently minded when it comes to the hunt. She does not enjoy to be told what to do and has oftentimes butted heads with other hunters on where, how and what to hunt, even for superfluous reasons! Like all Na'vi she is mindful and respectful of the ways of Eywa, believing in their goddess to provide and faithful to the idea that her skills as being a hunter are in part due to the grace of Eywa.

One of the defining aspects of Peyral's childhood was growing up with Neytiri, daughter of Mo'at and Eytukan. They learned much together and when they were older scouted and hunted the Omaticaya forests in tandem. Peyral trusts and respects Neytiri very much, even into the present day despite the great changes that have come to their clan.

She is capable of being relentless and ruthless to her enemies and yet finds herself conflicted over the issue of the Sky People. They have threatened and killed many of her kin in the past and yet one of her close companions, Neytiri, has mated with the one named Jakesully who now leads her clan. She prefers to not interfere with the likes of the sawtute but is typically one of the first to volunteer to aid the clan leaders in political affairs in forming parties to visit the humans if the need arises. Her duty is to her people, first and foremost, regardless of her past and present prejudices.