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CARB SCQW-14 shotgun

The Phalanx is the standard issued shotgun of the CARB base unit family. As part of the closer-quarters weapon system, the shotgun was intended for brutal infliction of damage to target with full intention of killing rather than rendering the target incapacitated. Used as a backstop defensive measure and for capacity layering during security missions. This weapon can utilize a wide array of twenty millimeter munitions such as air burst grenades, high-explosive rounds, armor-penetrating rounds, flechette rounds (metal darts), cluster munitions delivery, etc.

Full name: Phalanx
Tye: Shotgun
Place of origin: Spain
Produced by: - Matanza Arms Corp


Calibre: 20 mm

20 mm caseless

12 gauge

Length: 81 cm
Weight: 5.2 kg (unloaded)

6 kg (loaded)



This weapon is oftenly mistaken with the CARB 20 mm launcher, due to the fact that the two weapons are so simular, there is a myth that the Phalanx can be mounted under the berrel on an assault rifle. This is false, due to the fact that the Phalanx has the ejection port on the top reciever, and the launcher has the ejection port between the two, meaning that the ejection port cut is on the upper and lower reciever, the upper reciever sits a bit lower on the launcher then on the shotgun.