The RDA camouflage is the standard camo pattern seen on all SecOps-issued gear. It is a digital camouflage composed of 4 colours: Green, Oliv, Dark grey and beige.
RDA Camouflage HD

Description Edit

The RDA camo is a digital pattern, meaning that the camo is composed from squares that have a pixel-like look to them. The Base is a cyan green with olive dark grey and beige pixels, and has a beige line around each pixel. The RDA camouflage is very simular to the AOR2 camouflage, however, the RDA camo is not available for civilians.

Veriations Edit

The RDA camouflage comes in four diffrent veriations, which are:



-Snowy Kingdom (arctic camo)

Sea Monster (shades of blue, issued mainly to units operating near sea shores, most certainly, the Eastern Sea, this camouflage is also used by the US Navy on earth)