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The RDA camouflage is the standard camo pattern seen on all SecOps-issued gear. It is a digital camouflage composed of 4 colours: Green, Oliv, Dark grey and beige.

RDA Camouflage HD


The RDA camo is a digital pattern, meaning that the camo is composed from squares that have a pixel-like look to them. The Base is a cyan green with olive dark grey and beige pixels, and has a beige line around each pixel. The RDA camouflage is very simular to the AOR2 camouflage, however, the RDA camo is not available for civilians.


Apart of the RDA duty uniform, the camouflage was seen on all sorts of RDA-issued gear, including balistic armor and combat vests, bandanas, patrol

RDA soldier in full combat gear

a SecOps trooper in full combat gear

caps, boonie hats and all sorts of pouches like magazine pouches, utility pouches and bags. The camouflage on the vests seam to be a bit darker tone then the one on the uniforms, though that might just be because of the diffarent fabric