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RDA handgun original

The RDA handgun is a slide-action, semi automatic pistol produced by Hirte $ Fahl, and is the standard issue sidearm for Sec-Ops troops

Full name RDA Handgun
Type Semi-automatic pistol
Place of origin Germany
Produced by - Hirte & Fahl Arms Manufacturing Ltd.- Resources Development Administration (under Hirte & Fahl license)
Calibre 8 mm
Length 22.8
weight Unknown


In 2129, after the discovery of Pandora by a Intersteller exploration, the Resources Development Administration decided to take a closer look look at the planet-moon, They sent a probe from the Intersteller when they were close enough that Pandora's gravity would affect the probe's flight. When the probe landed on Pandora, the RDA downloaded the data from it. Once it was clear that the planet is life-friendly and that there is life on Pandora, The RDA launched a colony group therefrom the with their best scientists and a small squad of SecOps soldiers to protect them. However, the RDA nedded a now sidearm, the pistol that they had in service at that time wasn't suited for pandoran environments, It simply wouldn't work due to the 20% smaller gravity. The RDA started to search for a new

RDA handgun loading port

The RDA handgun being held by Jake Sully, the loading port is visblk on the top of the weapon

side arm for their troops. Verious companies offered them their products, but non of them fwere able to fulfill the criteria. The RDA despretly needed a weapon that would be easy to use, cheap in pruduction, and that could take a lot of abuse. It also hadded to function on Earth as well as on Pandora. In the last days of  2129 a german weapons manufacturer, Hirte & Fahl Arms Manufacturing Limited has volunteered in the project.

Hirte & Fahl proposed a completly new shape of the frame of the weapon, a triangler frame with the handle in the centre, and the slide in the rear of the weapon It was a top loading pistol fed by a internal magazine located in the pistolgrip ,and would fire the 8mm cartridge. The frame would be composed out oif a lightweight aluminum,, and would have a centered berrel. The RDA became interested the concept and asked for a prototype for testing.  Hirte & Fahl sent three exemples of the weapon to the RDA for testing.

RDA Handgun live-firing prop left

After 2 months of constent testing, shooting and extreeme torture tests, the prototypes were still working even though they went through a lot of intense abuse, The RDA was running out of time, The RDA chose the weapon, and in Febuary 2130 the the RDA signed a conrtact with H&F Arms for 500 exambles of the weapon to be produced.

The Hirte & Fahl pistol was pattented in March, and entered service in August, When The ISV Venture Star left for Pandora, in the last days of that year, The RDA bought the liceanse, and in 2136 the RDA started to produce it on Pandora. The Weapon has been designated the 'RDA Handgun', since it was diseigned for, and produced by the RDA.

The RDA handgun iis in the current standerd-issue service pistol of the RDA, it seen combat in all diffrent regions of Pandora, including Swotulu, Kxania Taw and Tantalus, and fough in many battles such as the assault on the Tree of Souls.

Diseign & features[]

The RDA handgun is a semi automatic slide action pistol. It has a triagnular frame with the pistolgrip in the middle, and a centered berrel, The slide is located in the rear. Thanks to this type of system, the weapon is well balanced. The RDA handgun uses the 8mm rounds, and has a internal, non removable magazine located in the pistolgrip, that is being loaded through a loading port located on the top of the weapon. This type of magazine system allows the user to load individual rounds while in combat when he is low on ammo, without the need to change magazines and losing additionals rounds. The RDA handgun has a manual safty on the left side.


A new variant has been observed being produced and fielded by the RDA post-2154 known as the RDA Flaregun, which is a flare launcher based on the RDA Handgun that fires flares, and is issued mainly to recon and scout units. Currently not much is known about this variant.