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The RDA revolver is a automatic revolver produced by the RDA, and is modeled after the Masa-Cirre SN-9 Wasp.

Red RDA revolver with berrel shroud 1

RDA revolver with red reciever and berrel shroud


When the RDA started military operations on Pandora, it quickly became obvious, that the standard-issue Hirte & Fahl automatic pistol is underpowered against pandoran fauna and the Na'vi. Many RDA troops reported issues about the weakness of the 8mm cartridge fired by the RDA handgun, and that they need something more powerful. Many soldiers were killed because of that, however, many soldiers were buying other firearms to replace the RDA handgun, the most common one being the SN-9 Wasp by Masa-Cirre, The RDA quickly noticed that and decided to make a simular firearm, that would have the same layout, a break open design, would be more powerful then the standard issue sidearm, and at the same time cheaper then the WASP revolver. The RDA knew, that time is against them, so they partnered up with Masa-Cirre, and in 2137 starte

d developing the new revolver, and a year later the weapon was ready,