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The Recurve Bow is the most common type of bows found amongst the Na'vi clans of Australis, they are used primarily for hunting and self-defense. The recurve bow shares the same design and functionality as what humanity had managed to developed over the course of centuries back on Earth.

All known bows are created by hand with materials stemming from that of a Hometree. Hometree wood is considered to be durable yet flexible and tough, making it a prime candidate for creating long-lasting bows that in theory can never break under pressure. As for the arrow types, a recurve bow benefits most when used as a medium to long range tactics, as such, the Na'vi have developed lethal arrows that are intended to stick and stay into the flesh. One particular arrow which is favored amongst the Na'vi is a chiseled volcanic rock similar to obsidian with teeth lining the edges. When fired, the arrow slices through the air, limiting drag.

The length of a recurve bow from end to end for average use by an adult Na'vi is 2.9 meters. It's weight however is among the lightest of all Na'vi weapons, allowing the operator to carry more weapons if needed or that of ammunition.

Though unheard of, prior to 2154, the Resources Development Administration would acquire these bows from scavanged dead bodies of fallen Na'vi when conflict arose. Today, the RDA no longer does this and has since return the bows to their rightful clans.