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SN-9 Wasp
SN-9 Wasp real

A modern SN-9 Wasp revolver with a infrared optic (top) and tactical light (bottom) attachments

SN-9 Wasp original prop size

SN-9 Wasp in hand

The SN-9 Wasp is a six shot, breech-loading revolver which is often carried by higher ranking RDA personnel and SecOps officers       

Diseign and features[]

The SN-9 Wasp is an Italian revolver produced by Masa-Cirre. It was designed primarily for law enforcement agencies and military use. The SN-9 Wasp is a breech-loading, automatic revolver. It has a six round cylinder that can be reloaded with a speed loader, or changed out like a magazine. The Wasp revolver fires the 9mm cartridge. However, unlike other revolvers, the SN-9 has three firing modes: semi-automatic, 2-round burst, and full automatic fire. The SN-9 also has a manual safety feature.

The SN-9 Wasp is 28 centimeters long, and weighs 1.1 kilograms.

The SN-9 in the SecOps[]

The SN-9 Wasp is not the RDA's sidearm, However, higher ranking RDA personnel and officers tend to purchase th SN-9 as a private weapon, when the standard Issue Hirte & Fahl automatic pistol  inadequate for their needs