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Security Operations or SecOps is the security branch of the RDA for interstellar expeditions outside of Earth. Created during the early years of exploration to Mars, SecOps has and will always be the backbone in securing RDA sites off-world of Earth. However in recent times, they have been seen as nothing more than the RDA's personal army. This can be contributed as the RDA hires only ex-military into the ranks of a growing an expanding quasi-governmental corporation.


Created during the early years of colonizing Mars. SecOps' primary goals are to protect sensitive RDA facilities on off-world colonies. The RDA exclusively recruits from a pool of retired or discharged military service men and women across the world. However, in recent time, the RDA have begun recruiting those who themselves have worked in other private military corporations.

Even though SecOps has much influence in regards of what weapons they are capable of using on the battlefield, they are greatly restricted to weapons that have been banned by the Geneva Convention. In the early years of the 21st Century, the Convention itself began banning weapons that were being used by PMC's that nation armies were not allowed to use. This included mostly incendaries as well as mines and chemical weapons.

By the 22nd Century, their restriction was lifted in regards to incendaries when the RDA began colonizing Pandora. Though laws are still interwoven with these lifted restrictions in terms of not using them on the sentient alien race - the Na'vi.


Those who wish to sign up for SecOps are those who are considered eligble. Many of these recruits are hardened veterans of Earth's conflicts. Infantry units who had experienced wars were usually sought out by the RDA as they were deemed 'necessary' in fueling protection for off-world colonies.

Those who do sign up are trained in the environments that they were going to be s

RDA SecOps CARB weapons training

A group of SecOps cadets during weapons training

ent. For example, if one is to be sent to Mars, they would be trained in tactical combat exosuits specifically designed for Mars as the planet itself still does not have a sustainable atmosphere for breathing.

If those being sent to Pandora, they go through much of the training in learning about Pandora through the flora, fauna, and the sentient alien race the Na'vi. This training however is more extensive as Pandora is understand to be a hostile world.

Once training is complete, the newly 'graduated' recruits are shipped to their respective posts on off-world colonies that the RDA controls. There, they will complete a certain amount of years before returning to Earth where many are allowed to serve as advisors and aids in training new recruits.



A group of Samsons, Scorpions, and a Dragon flying through the Hallelujah Mountains of Pandora.

SecOps plays a vital role in protecting and securing Hell's Gate - the lone colony of Pandora. Most of those who joined SecOps on Earth were sent to Pandora for a six year tour of duty before shifting rotations with new recruits. Many of them who go to Pandora, few have returned to Earth unscathed. The high mortality rate was contributed to the attacks on Hell's Gate, which were frequently visited by animals. The other contributions of attacks are lead by the Na'vi who themselves view SecOps are threats to the Na'vi in general. Many of them are targeted during expeditions outside the wire of Hell's Gate.

In 2154, SecOps began conducting aggressive operations towards the Na'vi when Parker Selfridge rushed for the demand of mining. The attack on the Omaticaya Hometree had lead to many back at Hell's Gate to wonder what purpose was SecOps serving. During the Battle of Pandora, SecOps were used extensively to attack the Na'vi on many fronts, including the Tree of Souls which resulted in heavy casualities and the lose in the battle. The death of Miles Quaritch was seen as a heavy blow to SecOps on Pandora.

When the RDA were pushed off of Pandora, few remained behind who were even SecOps. Those who were chosen were those that defected from the RDA.

Today, SecOps continues to serve as the protecting force for Hell's Gate. Though no longer are they used for aggressive operations towards the Na'vi, they are now used in helping civilian scientists on sorties or maintaining security around Hell's Gate.during  a weapons