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The SOLARIS III is a battle rifle variant of the

SOLARIS III Standard Issue Rifle all sides 01

CARB series of firearms, produced by the RDA under Matanza Arms license, the Solaris III battle rifle is the standard issue rifle for higher ranking Secops personnel, along with the Solaris IV light machine gun.


The Solaris III is a automatic, gas-operated specialized battle rifle, chambered for the 5.56 x 45 mm NATO round, and the standard RDA 6.2 x 35 mm ammunition. The Solaris II-like it's other brothers from the CARB family-os a bullpup weapon, which means that the magazine is located behind the trigger mechanism. The rifle feeds from a disposable box magazine, which is of a 32 round copacity, distinguished by it's characteristic yellow color. the charging handle is located above the trigger group, instead of the magazine well, which is a feature that was addad due to the fact that soldiers reported problems with reaching back while in a stressful situation, which resulted in that the operator hadded to change the position of the weapon in order to charge it,which was problematic when in full battle garment. The Solaris III-just like other RDA produced variants of the CARB- has four firing modes: safe, semi auto, four round burst and fully automatic. The fire selector switch is ambidextrus, and is located near the pistol grip, allowing the used quich access from both sides.