Numerous clans have developed instrunments that can be closesly associated in the family of percussions, found commonly in clans that routinely operate in song to tell stories or to develop an atmosphere during duels within the clan. One song which has sparked interest amongst humans has been heard before without ever coming close to a Hometree of the Omaticaya or that of the Tipani.

The Song of Warriors is a an all drum-song that supports no lyrics or utilizes any other instrunments. Typical to the Song of Warriors, it is a fast paced rhythmic pounding of various drums, from the Gourd Drum for which bioluminescent matter glows upon the drum itself to the War Drum. Each drum serves a purpose in the musical notes of the song.

As for the song itself, it is known that the story within the song is about a group of warriors of a clan who comes to the defense of their home clan. However, there are variations upon this song itself with each clan creating their own unique story through the pounding of drums.

Prior to the events in 2154, drivers have managed to record an 18-minute piece from this song during a night of ritual fights that occured in the Tipani tribe. The song is now featured on National Geographic's special on the Na'vi that aired in 2149.

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