The Southern Reach is a regional expanse located 78 miles southwest of Hell's Gate. This region is home to the Tipani who have lived in the region for most of their existence. To the coast of the east is the Hallelujah Mountains and that of the Tree of Souls. The Southern Reach has mountains to the west where it divides the region from the inner regions of the Australis continent. The Resources Development Administration have collected data from the Tipani as well as have sent exploration sorties over the decade, detailing much of the region that lays in the South.

For the most part, all known and catalogued animals thrive in this reach as well as the plants that have been scientifically catalogued. The Tipani however only own claim to a certain portion of the reach. Their borders exist up to the Ean Kilvan river up north while their southern borders end short upon a collection of small lakes that drain into the oceans beneath the Hallelujah Mountains.